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Count me in.

My favorite Halloween memory was when I was 8 years old and I was able to go out unsupervised with my friends and kid brother. When we arrived to a friend's house to pick him up, his sister, who I had a big crush on and was 16 thought I was the cutest Raggedy Andy she ever saw. She sat me on her lap and asked her mom to take a picture while she wrapped her arms around me. The rest of the night was kind of a blur.
Count me in. One Halloween my neighbor dressed as the grim reaper and sat in a chair in the front yard. Every once in a while he wuld jump up and scare kids. One kid comes up and we can hear them arguing he's fake he's real. On and on. Finally one kid yells hey kick him. Right as he goes to kick him my buddy jumps up with the sickle and yells. You could hear this kid scream all the way down the street as he ran through everyone's yards. Of course if you did that today some jacka$$ would sue you for emotional trauma.
old Halloween memory--trick or treating with some friends--some big kids came up and squirted shaving cream in my mask eye and nose holes---I swore that day I'd always use a bowl, soap and a great brush
I'm in! A few years ago my friends and I all went out for Halloween. For one of my closest friends, it was her first time ever trick or treating. Strange since she's our age and we were all underclassmen in college. It was the coldest Halloween ever, with snow on the ground, but we didn't care. We both went in togas. A big group of us were just goofing around all night and it was a blast. Of course it was fueled by sugar shock!
Count me in! My favorite Halloween memory would have to be when I dressed up as a power ranger when I was 5 or 6. That was the most fun I ever had during Halloween. I remember I kept wearing it weeks after Halloween had passed
I grew up in a really small rural area so trick or treating wasn't exactly an option. My favorite memory has to be the first year one of the churches in town decided to have what they termed a "Harvest Festival". It was fantastic. They had everything from game booths and face-painting, to horse drawn carriage rides and a haunted house....plus a ton of candy. It was the first "real" Halloween experience I got to have, and they still hold it to this day. I went as Zorro...I was obsessed with the original Vault Disney version. I am pretty sure I still have the hat stashed somewhere in my keepsakes.
Count me in. My favorite memory was having my 4 year old son going out trick or treating for the first time. He had terrible speech impairment and even stopped speaking for a time. But he was so excited to go out trick or treating he would knock on every door and as he was knocking he would say "trick or treat, it's me Patrick". His older sister was the only one who could understand him so she would tell everyone what he was saying.
Count me in!

Halloween 1986, Thumb area of Michigan. Day starts out high 50's with temps falling later in day. Enter: a 1974 Monte Carlo I picked up 3 girls and 1 guy in to take everyone on Trick n Treet. 5 PM, a blizzard literally comes out of nowhere, 8 inches of snow in 2 hours. Gotta say, a memorable ride around!