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Count me in. Having little ones is great because every activity (including Halloween) is new or different enough that the last 5 gave been memorable for numerous reasons that are too lengthy for the few minutes I have to enter here.

Thanks for the entry.
Count me in!
Few years ago, I picked up a mullet wig and went to a party as one of the Trailer Park Boys. This is a Canadian show, so I'm not sure how many of you will recognize it... Great party!
Unfortunately part of the costume involved carrying a glass of rum and coke with me at all times and by the end of the night, the memories are not so clear... LoL. :lol:
Pace yourself Dirty Dancer. Remember, it's all about Freedom 35.

Oh btw, count me in.
Count me in!

Favorite memory was first time I was allowed to go trick-or-treating alone, my parents let me bring my younger sister. We bagged so much candy, so quickly, that we were back home in about 10-15 minutes. Parents were asking if we were done already, until they saw us dump the candy in our rooms and grab pillow cases. Still get stomach aches thinking about the first week of November that year.
Count me in!

Recent favorite memory was last year when my sister threw a Halloween/3d birthday party for my nephew. Told me to wear a costume. I was the only adult who showed up with one. Got even though. I was The Greatest American Hero and I walked around all day with his theme song Believe It or Not on a continuous loop on the iPod annoying everyone.
Count me in. I had more fun on Halloween when I got in my teens, causing mischief (soaping windows, egging, tping, etc etc).


Count me in! And...

My favorite was in the Georgetown section of Washington, DC, back when it was a popular Halloween place to be. The amount of really creative costumes was just crazy! I think my favorite was watching 6 Budweiser beer cans leaving a bar, all getting set up in place, and putting the plastic 6 pack holder around themselves for the continuation of their journey! (though it didnt look like walking like that was fun!)
Count me in!

I would say my favorite Halloween memory would have to be when I was in 4th Grade and I had the absolute coolest costume. I was dressed up as Weird Al Yankovic back when he had the big glasses and wild curly hair. It was great!
Count Me in:
I wish I could say that my childhood memories of Halloween were in my thought, as they were very Norman Rockwell in nature. However the memory that will haunt me forever was Halloween 2013. NOTE: NEVER, NEVER make a bet ( AND LOSE :blushing:) with your buddies (especially your motorcycle riding buddies). I was forced to wear a costume of their choosing at a party of over 100 of our friends and family and this was the result (including this costume, shaving my stache and goatee, as well as earings and makeup!)

WARNING Viewing this picture can cause blindness, or temporary insanity, or profuse vomiting.

$Halloween 2013.jpg

Thanks so much for having to have a contest of Halloween memories:lol::lol::w00t::blink: