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Win a Vie-Long Horsehair Shaving Brush at Shavetools.com this Halloween!


To enter just make a short reply post telling every one about a favorite Halloween memory, or if you're the strong silent type, you can just post, "Count me in!" If you haven't been to Shavetools.com recently, we'd love it if you'd drop by and look around and maybe write a product review or two, as well. The contest ends on October 31, with the winner(s) determined randomly.

First prize will be a Vie-Long 13070 Shaving Brush.

If response to the contest is strong, then I'll include a second prize of a $10.00 gift certificate to Shavetools.com.

Favorite Halloween memory would be my sister and I trick or treating at the hospital while my mom was in labor with my youngest sister.
A friend of mine and I got an idea to soap windows easier. We poured some Lestoil into a squirt gun and used that. Yeah, it squirted out OK but I doubt the hapless victims ever even noticed.
Count me in. My favorite memories of Halloween are several rollicking New York City costume parties with college buddies, circa late '80s/early '90s.
Halloween is not celebrated in France, there were recent attempts to implement it because of its commercial opportunities for local businesses but it never really took off.

So, count me in.
Count me in!
Few years ago, I picked up a mullet wig and went to a party as one of the Trailer Park Boys. This is a Canadian show, so I'm not sure how many of you will recognize it... Great party!
Unfortunately part of the costume involved carrying a glass of rum and coke with me at all times and by the end of the night, the memories are not so clear... LoL. :lol:
Im in, fav memory, last year in house we were buying was there for halloween, bought like 4 bags of candy. 2 ppl showed up, lucky us.
My favorite Halloween memory is back in the 60's my buddy and I were walking the neighborhood trick or treating and a carload of teenagers came roaring down the street, one leaned out the window and nailed my buddy with a water balloon. Trying to console his crying by saying, "hey, it's only water" brought the tearful response of "it musta been hard water!". Count me in.
Count me in!! Most of my favorite Halloween memories are from fishing trips with my buddies, details of which cannot be discussed :001_cool:


Hmmm, it was a Friday Halloween, last day of the school quarter, with a big party. Beyond that, my memories are a bit foggy, but I wore a smile for a week.
Count me in.
Count me in.
I don't have much in the way of Halloween memories.... I remember as a kid having an astronaut's mask (late 60s, Neil Armstrong was my hero), but not having a suit to go with it. "Trick or Treating" in Brooklyn with an astronaut's mask and wool sweater and jeans. I got some good laughs. (I didn't really get why until later).