Win a Simpson brush and more in the Birthday Sale.

Discussion in 'Shavetools' started by Sargon, Jan 27, 2014.

    I didnt know you had a site, im pretty sure my semogue is from you threw the zon. Id buy a lot more soaps and brushes to start seeing as im new to the straight razor thing. trying to find what i like the best
  1. I would like to buy the OSS Bulldog after I become more comfortable with safety razor shaving!
  2. Looks like I'm a day late to this thread. In any case, I got a brush I've been using for about a year from Shavetools, the Semogue 1470:
  3. I'm a begginer so I would purchase a blade sampler or a cream whn my current one runs out which is soon!! Hehe
  4. Sargon

    Sargon Vendor

    The contest is closed! Thanks for every one for entering and a special thanks to those of you who have shopped at in the past two years; I hope to see you again, as well as new faces in the next two.

    As for the drawing: The Accountant has won first prize and gets the Simpsons brush, crawpapa has won the blade selection, and jmcdonald wins the Omega brush
  5. Hooray!

  6. Congrats, guys! And great contest!
  7. Sweet!
  8. fordfather

    fordfather Moderator Emeritus

    Thanks for the great contest!
  9. joamo

    joamo Contributor

    Congratulations gentlemen!
  10. Congrats to the winners and thank you ST for the contest.
  11. Congrats to the winners and thank you to the host!
  12. Congratulations to the winners.
  13. Thank you for the opportunity too. And congratulations on the birthday.
  14. Many thanks for the great contest and congratulations to the winners!
  15. Parjay

    Parjay Moderator Emeritus

    Congrats to the winners, and again, great website with great service!
  16. I look forward to receiving the brush! Thanks for the contest.
  17. Blades came in the mail today. It's sort of weird for me to be excited about shaving but I am! Thanks again for this.
  18. Every time I do searches to compare brushes I find interesting, it always comes back to the Simpson brand. I WILL have one someday...
  19. I'm new to this. I'd love to start out with a Merkur 42C and some Tabac shaving soap. (I love Tabac's A/S and cologne)

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