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Win a Semogue 1305 Brush From Shavetools.com

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Amazing how these things work sometimes
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Best shave to date is with Merkur HD, gilette 7 o'clock blade, prorasso green in a tub, burts bees after shave cream........oooooo soooo smooth! Next to recreate that magic shave with my new straight!
Just had a great shave half an hour ago: Personna blue blade loaded in Weber PH Classic, C O Bigelow cream brushed on with cheap Omega boar brush, shave followed by a splash of witch hazel and a splash of Osage Rub. Right now my face feels perfectly smooth.
I get a great shave from a locally made shaving soap, lathered in my classic milk glass Old Spice mug with an Ever Ready C40 brush. But I'm only a wet-shave half-wit, for I am just now (after 40 years) in the process of switching from a Mach3 to a classic safety razor.
Just had my first great shave with kit i got for under £10 from everywhere :). With a muhle r89 on the way I intend on having many more!!
Shavetools.com is giving away a free Semogue 1305 boar brush.

To enter the contest just post about a great shave you've had (and if you're the strong silent type, just naming a product or two you used in a great shave you've had is fine.) in this thread, and if you have a couple of minutes, it would be appreciated(though not required) if you would stop by Shavetools.com and +1 us on Google, or write a review of one (or more, if you would like) of the products on the site that you have used in the past, if you haven't done so before.

The contest ends on the 28th of the month, with the winners determined randomly. First prize is the brush, second prize are a puck of Cyril R Salter Shaving Soap and a puck of William Marvy Shaving Soap, and third prize is a stick of Erasmic Shaving Soap (Tallow Formula, of course).

Muhle R41 razor, EJ aloe vera soap puck, gillette silver blue blade, finished with Thayers WH and Lubiderm moisturizer; shaving nirvana for me for right now.
My FS finest badger bush I'm hoping to replace with a semogue boar brush :thumbup1:
I'm in. Shea pre shave wash, proraso green shave with omega boar brush. Unfortunately I can't remember the blade I was using. Need to start keeping a journal!
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