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Win a Semogue 1305 Brush From Shavetools.com

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Lets see...as this contest closed on MARCH 1, 2013 how about I tell you about a really BAD shave??

It was on a Tuesday, last August when, while using the remains of a can of Barbasol and a fresh out of the box Gold Dollar copy made in Pakistan that, while changing the FM station during the shave, the radio fell into the sink full of water, hence creating a most unhealthy electrical environment. Acting instinctively, I reached in to retrieve the radio. As a result of huge shock I got, my other hand spazzed and I cut myself clean through the jugular vein. Because of the spurting blood, I slipped on the floor and knocked myself unconscious.

Next thing I knew after I awoke in the hospital only to discover my appendix had been removed.

Sure hope I win.....................
I haven't had a great shave yet, but I have just ordered some new equipment suggested on this site to help me achieve a great shave. I like the shavetools.com site and plan to order from there.
My very first wet shave. It was, at that time the best shave I have ever had.
Weishi safety razor with Derby blades.
Omega Badger brush
Colonel Conk Bay rum puck
Nivea A/S balm
Mennen Skin Bracer
I'm one week in on using my Merkur 34c, and I believe I got the best shave this morning. Probably had a lot to do with the fact I was able to produce a good lather with my Proraso cream for the first time (it's amazing how we'll things go when you don't rush).
Shaved with a Hartford Cutlery Co. Extra Hollow Ground straight with an inexpensive shaving brush badger brush, jojoba oil to prep, Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving cream, and a shaving bowl that my best friend threw on his pottery wheel for me.

I tend to get more enjoyable shaves after a nice workout. The more "fresh" the workout, the better the shave. There isn't a need to do any pre-shave prep since my pores are naturally open and the hair is good-to-go. Anyone have this experience?
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My "best shaves" have been recent; I've only just switched to a DE razor and I love it! Still need practice though.
Using a basic Merkur razor, Astra blade, Fraser's SC and Clubman AS. Love it!
My "best shaves" have been recent; I've only just switched to a DE razor and I love it! Still need practice though.
Using a basic Merkur razor, Astra blade, Fraser's SC and Clubman AS. Love it!
Sounds like a very solid starter setup you have !!! keep it up and technique is everything. Welcome aboard !
I am patiently awaiting my first great shave, coming in the next few days.

Setup is currently Merkur 34C HD Double-Edge Safety Razor, Merkur blade, and proasso soap.

Just waiting for the alum, and aftershave to come in for the complete first experience.
Awaiting my first shave. Kit I ordered contains Edwin jagger De89 and derby blades. Taylor of old bond street sandalwood cream. And vendors own pure badger faux horn handle. Nivea aftershave balm is my weapon if choice
Well my best shave even though this contest is over, was the two months I had a puck of soap, no name brand but It came in the box of vander hagens premium shave set. The brush isnt so bad but then again I have nothing to compare it too. Right now im using some oats and honey soap bar. wish I wouldnt of wasted that puck so fast jaja. Since Ive started wet shaving its been a distraction for me. Ive learned how to hone.... wait wait wait, I mean Im learning how to hone. Learning how to clean and restore SRs. Its a whole mess of fun!
So far, I have not had a bad shave since going to a DE razor about a month ago. The shaves just bet better as my technique improves.
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