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Win a Semogue 1305 Brush From Shavetools.com

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Razor: ATT M1 Titan
Cream: TOBS sandalwood
Brush: Muehle Retro RP2
Blade: Persona Red
Razor: Gillette Rocket flare tip
Cream: Cella
Brush: Omega Proraso
Blade: Gillette platinum

a victorious team.....the best shave i've had
I’m in!
I had a wonderful shave this morning with a 1964 Gillette SS using Wilkinson Blades and AOS Sandalwood pre/cream/balm. Smooth as silk and smelling fine and not a nick in sight!
Edwin Jagger DE89L paired with a Feather Hi-Stainless blade. Face lathered with Proraso Green and Omega Pro 48. Finished it off with a very healthy splash of Aqua Velva Classic Ice blue.

Ye gods, that was a wonderful shave!
Great shave TODAY! I used an Italian Barber LE "Tricolore" (1305 handle painted red-white-green with a premium knot), whipped up some Cella and went to it with a fresh Personna Super blade in my '59 Fatboy set on 5. Finished off with a splash of Old Spice AS. Atsa Nice Shave!
I cannot say my shaves are the best at the moment. I am 7 shaves in with my straight. The thing I enjoy most is just getting my shave cream ready. I am using TOB's Sandlewood (love it), a cheep brush from CVS and a bowl from my kitchen. They seem to work ok.... Thanks!
Ingredients for a great shave:

Merkur 34C HD
Astra blade
Cella soap
Omega boar
Floid amber aftershave

Great price on Astra blades on shavetools.com, BTW.
My best shaves happen when I run an Arko stick around my wet face and head (I'm a bald dome shaver) while my Tweezerman brush soaks, then I lather up with MWF and shave with my Feather AS-D1. After everything is rinsed and dry, Booster's Mosswood is most often my aftershave of choice.
Mmmmmmmmmmm. Feels good and smells great!
Best shave was probably the first time I paired a Gillette Silver Blue blade with a Gillette Rocket "Parat" and some Proraso Red. Just seemed like everything was working in perfect harmony. No nicks or cuts, no irritation, and I looked clean shaven the whole time I was at work (believe me, a rarity for me).
I'm in.
Just a newbie so I dont have much. I had a great shave this morning using my 154 gillette super speed and a gillette 7 o'clock blade. Using van derhagan soap and brush. Hope to upgrade the brush if I win this.
I'm in.
I had a great shave on Saturday with a Semogue 830, La Toja Shave Stick, Muhle R89, Wilkinson Sword and some Witch Hazel with added glycerin and aloe vera. The shave was close, comfortable and lasted until this morning that I shaved again.
Had a great shave today with my 62 (birth year) slim/Astra SP, Real Shaving Cream and no name boar brush
This mornings shave was as great, as most of my shaves have become... I seem to have found what works for me. Of late I have been a little confused and out of sorts with the DE thing and even used a Mach3 and a Fusion for a while.

Started with a long hot shower to warm up the facial hair get off all that old skin and whatever else is supposed to happen when you wash and scrub the face. I don't dry my face at all after the shower just drip happily all over the floor while I prepare to shave.

Run the old boar brush under the hot water and wondered how many hairs the beast would release today, it's a year old and still hairs are falling out. Despite that it does a great job so I live with it.

I have started doing the face lather thing with a stick of Arko and when I first heard about face lathering I thought you guys were making a joke at the new boys expense but no it's a great idea and I'm sold. Lots of energetic rubbing of the Arko onto the face and I get quite rough and put lots on, no point in being shy.

More vigorous lathering with the hot brush on the happy Arko coated face I kept at it until I looked like Santa or the Arko man, then it's left it to do its magic for a few minutes while i got the razor ready. I'm using a Gillette New and a Gillette 7 o'clock blue which I'm rather impressed with.

Three passes followed which are generally down the face then across it both ways and finally upwards, as the hair on my face seems to grow in all directions WTG and ATG seem to be there in each pass ... odd but true. Once that's over I do another lather up and then went over any bits I might have missed.

Sounds all normal and good but lately I don't seem to be able to get the New to work the way I like it, I think it's because I'm in a hurry or maybe it's because my mind has raced off to other tasks, whatever the cause the New is just not doing it for me this morning. So it's out with the Fusion Pro Glide Power ... power on and I begin the gentle passes that I need to finish off my shave ... the result is BBS, no irritation no cuts and a happy and smooth faced Uncle.

I won't give up the Gillette New as tomorrow when my head is in a better place I could get a wonderful shave, I no longer beat my self up over using a 5 blade monster as that monster does a wonderful job.
After 3 days of no shaving, I dove in with a fresh Astra SP in my Futur, used my Omega to whip up some great TOBS Eton lather and went to town! Smooth and silky ten minutes later!
Almost all my shaves are better than the last if I use a new blade.:thumbup1: Today I used The Semogue 610. Mitchell's fat. Gillette red-tip with a new Feather blade.
My go to combo is:
Merkur 34C HD
Feather Blade
Semogue SOC Boar
Mitchell's Wool Fat
L'Occitane Vettiver
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