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Win a Semogue 1305 Brush From Shavetools.com

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Shavetools.com is giving away a free Semogue 1305 boar brush.

To enter the contest just post about a great shave you've had (and if you're the strong silent type, just naming a product or two you used in a great shave you've had is fine.) in this thread, and if you have a couple of minutes, it would be appreciated(though not required) if you would stop by Shavetools.com and +1 us on Google, or write a review of one (or more, if you would like) of the products on the site that you have used in the past, if you haven't done so before.

The contest ends on the 28th of the month, with the winners determined randomly. First prize is the brush, second prize are a puck of Cyril R Salter Shaving Soap and a puck of William Marvy Shaving Soap, and third prize is a stick of Erasmic Shaving Soap (Tallow Formula, of course).

Great shave the other night with Arko, B&B smoke badger brush, new Ikon OC, and a Personna Lab. Very smooth. Looks like a great selection on the site!
not sure i can enter this contest. i never really had a great shave. it has always been a chore. i hope to have some great shaves soon. just need to finish some things here and finally make my first real razor purchase.
One of my easiest shaves was done with a TGN restore brush, Plisson shaving soap, and my Merkur 180 with an Astra in it. It was just smooth in general. May need to try that again sometime.
My shave today was with the AOS pre-shave oil, super lather with AOS unscented cream and Van Der Hagen soap, and my trusty Parker shavette (don't shoot me, I use Shark blades). I'm new to wet shaing, but it still was a DFS if you ask me. The best one I have had yet.
This morning I had a great BBS shave with my Merkur 34C, Proraso, and a well broken in Omega 49 brush. Being Sunday, I was thinking about being just a little guy watching my Dad shave with his Gillette and Yardley soap. That was 50 years ago...as I cleaned up, I'd swear I saw him in the mirror, smiling back at me...
I had a wonderful travel shave with Arko, worked up with a badger brush and shaved smooth with a WW2 era Gillette Tech. Three comfortable passes, a splash of Clubman Pinaud and ready to take on the day!
Best shave since switching to a DE was with a Merkur 23c, Arko, a Blue Bird blade, followed by some witch hazel and Nivea ASB.
Great shave today with Dovo Black Star, VDH Badger brush, TOBS shaving cream, followed by Lucky Tiger AS tonic and Truefitt and Hill AS balm.
My best setup is probably the Progress with a Gillette bleue extra blade and using Tabac soap.
Although I have to pay attention, a Progress is quite aggressive. Even on setting 2 for me. But if it works, I get the closest shave I can imagine.
Great shave this morning with a vintage Gillette DE loaded with a fresh Feather razor. Avocado oil for preshave on head, Razorock Violet Tallow applied with B&B essentials first run brush. Shiny dome rockers unite!
Had one of my best shaves today, hot towel and Proraso pre/post cream got that warm/cold sensation. Off with that and lathered up with dr harris Arlington for a great BBS two pass and touch up with R41/UFO with Astra sp. Rinsed off then a cold rinse and on with Nivea aftershave balm then a splash of ogalala bay rum.
Yesterday's shave was one of the more memorable I've had.

Pre: Hot shower, Bumble&Bumble Coco Masque condition
Soap: Frankensoap of Klar Kabinette + Mike's Rose & Cedarwood
Brush: Thater Pure Badger
Razor: Replated Frankenrazor of New handle + Old type head
Blade: Rapira Platinum Lux first use
Aftershave: Shulton Old Spice

3 pass WTG XTG ATG
Progress, gillette blacks, omega professional series boar brush and loccitane Cade soap. A sure winner every day!


My best shaves have been with either Razorock cacao or Speick stick, Gem 1912 SE and Eau de Quinine or Stetson AS.
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