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Win a Free Vie-Long 13070 Premium Horsehair Brush With Olivewood Handle!

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I would like to have known about B&B a long time ago so I could have joined the contest when it was open. Just missed it.
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This is like the contest that will never die! It kind of cracks me up :biggrin1:

For those of you that are thinking of entering contest, I would recommend you first read the initial post (take a look at the image below). You can find the date of the initial post on the top left. This contest started on 09-28-2012. In the body of the text it reads that "The contest ends on the 25th of October" which logically would mean October 25, 2012. Seeing as how we are now in 2013...it's been nearly a year since this one was over.

Thanks Sargon for offering this contest last year!

$Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 8.44.16 AM.png
I would like to join this contest. I would also like to learn more about a horsehair brush. Will go to the website. Do not see many of this kind of brush advertised.
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