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Win a free tub of Castle Forbes Sandalwood and Cedar Shaving Cream at Shavetools.com

For me the one thing I Underestimated was my Gillette "New" I didn't think the Old OC Gillette would be so Awesome and provide me with some of the best shaves!!

Thanks for the chance in a Great Giveaway
Mine was Captain's Choice Lime Aftershave. The stuff is incredible. All the wonderful elements of an alcohol aftershave, but lots of good skin conditioning stuff that leaves you feeling amazing. I'll splash some on just as a skin-refresher even if I haven't shaved. It's really great stuff.
Thanks I am in!!

Dovo shavette- At first I couldn't stop cutting myself with the thing. After a week or two with it, I have really honed my skills and have had some great shaves with it!
The Weber razor has far exceeded my expectations. I thought it would be nice, but didn't expect that it would bump all my other razors to the shelf for weeks at a time. It works great for me.
A few things have exceeded expectations, but for now I'll mention the Cyril Salter cream, which Shavetools hipped me to. I'm a soap guy, but this one is great, smells great (I have the Indian Sandalwood; I'm curious about the -- polarizing -- French Vetiver, so that might be next). I like it much more than the other English creams I've tried, very protective, and perfect for particularly hurried mornings.

Thanks for another giveaway!
Pinaud Clubman for me. I'm used to higher-end juice going onto my face, so imagine my surprise that a $5 bottle of aftershave would feel so refreshing and hold such a great scent. For me lately, the prize has been finding lower cost items that really perform well.
I'm new to this all, so everything has exceeded my expectations. My favorite so far though is just proraso white. It is listed as unscented, but the smell that is there is very pleasing to me.
weber razor. although on the cheaper side of stainless steel razors...one of the better shaves i get are from my weber
I'm in.
My uncle sent me a shave kit that included some pre-shave oil. I have used it twice now and I kid you not, people greet me with, "Your face looks SO smooth! Can I feel it? WOW that is REALLY smooth! Hey you, feel his face!" No lie. Happened yesterday.
And I'm still using a cartridge razor.


Gillette Yellow blade in my Feather AS-D2. It's a good all-around blade, usually well behind the Silver Blues and Personna Med Preps. But in the AS-D2 it works quickly, smoothly and with even more audible feedback than usual with this razor.
The Shavecraft 101 razor really exceeded my expectations. I had been curious about some of the crazy expensive modern razor so I found an affordable 101 and it really blew my socks off. I haven't used the vintage razors since.
Thank you for the contest. Count me in please.

As a beginner, my 24mm silvertip badger brush with resin handle from Whipped Dog exceeded my expectations. It works well, and I thought it was an affordable way to get started. Larry, the owner, shipped it out quickly too!
One product that has exceeded expectations for me is the Dorco black plastic razor. It was only a few bucks shipped, but I can count on it for an excellent shave practically every time. I thought it would be a good travel or back-up razor, but I use it frequently. Mild, but gets the job done, especially with a sharper blade such as a Perma-Sharp or Feather. Thanks for a great contest!