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Win a free tub of Castle Forbes Sandalwood and Cedar Shaving Cream at Shavetools.com

The product that really exceeded my expectations is the Omega Pro 49. My only previous experience with boar had been the Burma-Shave that was gifted to me when I started shaving. This thing is a lather beast, it has broken in quite nicely in a week's time, and feels soft and scrubby on my face. I haven't tried CF soaps yet, but I'm a sucker for sandalwood.
After a terrible first impression with wet shaving (Butchering my face with a slant), I still had the itch and went for the Edwin Jagger DE89 and Muhle R41. This time I was way more careful and was most impressed with the R41 and it is now my go to razor. Another one I was pleasantly surprised with is Tiki Bar soaps. I love the scents and performance. Lastly, the Dreadnought shower gel and bath bar. I love how I feel after using them. I just feel cleaner using them than anything else.
My Taylor of Old Bond Street aftershave gel is a real winner! When coupled with the TOBS shaving cream (Sandalwood scents both) it really provides a smooth shave, skin, and a fragrance that can't be beat. My wife says she can still smell it on me at 6 pm after shaving in the morning.
I'm in. Thanks. I saw Derby Extra blades at a local beauty supply store. I heard bad things about Derbys but I figured I'd try them as I could actually buy blades from a store. Derbys are now my favorite blade.
I'm in - I recently discovered the effectiveness and great price point of a boar brush. The Omega Professional 10049 HUGE boar brush blew me away at under $10.
I was at the local grocery and saw they had Pacific all naturual shave cream and it was on sale for $3.99 a tube and I thought what the heck I will try it, well it sat for a week or so until I finally got around to using it, all I can say is I wish I had bought it all the scent and feel afterwards is very refreshing and it's takes very very little to work up one heck of a lather.

Oh... you have to pick me because I never win stuff like this :thumbup:
I'd love to be entered in the contest - thanks so much for the chance!
One shaving product that really surprised me in its quality was the La Toja stick. Fairly inexpensive, and simple, but wow… I have yet to find a lather that works significantly better for than it! Never have tried the Castle Forbes, though. :thumbup1:
I have discovered the Pinaud Clubman line IS something to behold. Very nice product for a great price. Their fine talc is fantastic.

UPDATE: I discovered you guys site has really nice prices on my favorite TOBS sandalwood shave cream!
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I read a lot of reviews about Strop Shoppe soaps so I placed an order. I was expecting a good soap but I quickly found out that the soap is fantastic. Very slick and it leaves my face feeling great. It has by far exceeded my expectations!


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So far the product that most exceeded my expectations was i coloniali shaving soap. There are not a huge number of reviews, though most all of them are positive.
I'm in.
I was pleasantly surprised by my Semogue SOC boar brush. I had been using a badger but I might be a boar convert now. I actually like the stiffer hairs and I believe it lathers and performs as well as the badger but at 1/3 the cost.