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IM IN.....You know, I would have to say, I have been shaving for many years, always buying the newest cartridge razors by Schick and Gillette. For many years I have complained about razor burns, ingrown hairs and just pure irritation in general. I kept trying different products to see if my shave will be enjoyable and irritation free but just kept wasting money and never finding that pleasure of a legit good shave. I felt like I hit a wall and excepted the fact that this is just how my shave would always be. Started doing research on DE wet shaving but never made that move. My cousin recently got married and I was in his wedding, and as a gift for the wedding party, he set us up with everything we needed with DE shaving. I am greatful that this has happened because since that first shave with that DE, I can finally say, I ENJOY SHAVING!!! I look forward to it and cant believe I actually started saying that. After trying different blades, I have been have the best shave or shaves of my entire shaving life. Im greatful for just getting into DE wet shaving and wish I got into it much MUCH sooner. So I know that I am not talking about a specific product and maybe this entry is not eligible, but I hope it is, because DE has changed my life and now consider shaving a hobby. Now that right there just blows my mind in itself!
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I'm in. Have tried a few big name and artisan shave soaps and creams but everytime I use Proraso Red again it blows me away how nice it is to shave with.
I started seeing Somersets Maximum Glide Extra Sensitive Shaving Oil on the shelf at my local drugs store and viewed it with great caution. I'd tried AoS pre-shave oil under several shave soaps and creams with moderate benefits. I still lived with weepers under my chin and near the corners of my mouth. I noticed the Somersets on sale for $2 off and a manufacturer's coupon for an additional $1 off. I rolled the dice and got one of the seemingly diminutive bottles. Read the instructions and scoffed when I realized they wanted me to use it alone without any other soap. I sat it aside a few days and kept at my weepers with alum. Finally I picked it up followed the instructions exactly. With those three measly drops of oil rubbed into my beard i picked up my 1962 Gillette Slim Adjustable set on 5 and braced for the worst. When I was done and toweling my face I think I heard Gabriel blow his horn and angels singing. I had no weepers and my face was silky smooth and required no aftershave. Now I do 1 pass shaves with my Gillette Slim Adjustable set on 9 without worry. Somersets far exceeded my expectations and is in my rotation as a stand alone shaving product and often in conjunction with other shaving creams and soaps.
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Im in,

I had been looking for a good smelling inexpensive aftershave that my wife would approve of the scent. In desperation i bought some Barbasol aftershave pacific rush at a dollar general in my town and was very pleased with the result. It has a cool feel on the face not an over powering scent and it fit into the budget very nicely. i have spent a lot more money on far worse products so i am very pleased and will continue to use it.
My Muhle synthetic brush exceeded my expectations by far. I bought it just to know what the synthetics are all about but it is surely my favourtite brush now. Makes amazing lather and is really soft on the face.
I'm in!
A product that has really surprised me are Gillette Silver Blue blades. I've just started using them but I can foresee a bulk purchase in my future.


Forever livings gentlemans pride face lotion. It is more than just an aftershave balm. I use it as a moisturiser in the winter. It leaves my skin feeling great. So much better than expected.

Thanks I'm in
I was surprised by my Merkur 37c. I had never used a safety razor and had been used to straights for a long time, and was looking for something to travel with. It was, and is, one of my favorite items now!
I'm in. As mentioned earlier, Kiss My Face moisture shave cream. Surprisingly good for a mass produced and cheap product.
I would have to say the VDH blades which came with the VDH razor. While the razor, being lighter than I am used to, is not my go to razor; I found that the blades so far have performed really great giving me a close shave no matter which of my razors I use (the Gillette New being my only razor I haven't tried it in, saving that for OCtober).
I'm in. I never tried Proraso Sensitive until I got some in a trade. I love the shave it provides, and how it makes my skin feel.
I'm in. I think my most surprising result came from my pre-war Fat Handle Tech. All the other razors I own have a decent heft to them, and that razor was just so light that I wasn't sure it would get the job done. Turns out, it does the job just fine and has earned a spot in the rotation.
I'm in! Thanks for the opportunity. The shaving item that recently exceeded my expectations was the Cobra Classic. I recently had the chance to try one out. Bobs shaves everyday with very little effort and no irritation.
So,just yesterday, I had a good shave & cracked open a tube of Taylor of Old Bond Street's 'Sandalwood Luxury Aftershave Gel', and put some on. This is my current "Wow!!" product - good feeling on the skin, soothing, cool, moisturizing, etc, but, Goodness! The fragrance of this product is amazing! It lasts for a good few hours. I was getting happy just from smelling my own face! Now, all my other aftershave options that I thought were pretty good are relegated to second-place. Not only am i going to lay in a few more tubes for my own use, but this is going to be amongst the Xmas gifts I give out this year, for sure.
I'm in on this. So, going forward, I really like Pinaud Clubman and Stirling Barbershop aftershaves, but I find myself reaching for Neutrogena Razor Defense Post Shave lotion more often than not. Although it doesn't have that "classic" scent, it works great on soothing my skin and moisturizers my face perfectly. Great product, and although not an artisan type, works wonderfully. I highly recommend it!
I'm in. I would say that Coates Lime shaving cream has been a pleasant surprise. I had heard it was a good performer, but didn't know what to expect from a product that has been out of production for a while now. However, now I know why so many rave about it.
I'm in. For me, the product that exceeded expectations was the CVS-branded DE razors. Finding out they are made be Personna makes total sense. At the time I had very low, low expectations and now I find they are better than average.