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Williams shave soap club?

I am wondering if there is enough interest for a Williams shave soap club. I only use Williams, I have heard some people have had problems getting good lather, I have never had any such problems and I have been shaving with it for 25 years. Sure its not your top dollar shave soap from sacred indian oils, unicorn fat, ashes from the olympic flame, and made in a factory on the south side of heaven. But when a puck costs less than $2, lasts 3 months, and it works well, why use anything else?
The ashes from the Olympic flame made me laugh. I've never had an issue lathering Williams as long as I soak it first and face lather.
Williams soap, a great product. I've used it more than any other, no doubt cause it's the
only girl at the dance. First used it back in the 60's and there were more choices commonly
available back then, recently got a hold of an new/old puck, still worked great, fact of the
matter is, it actually worked better than todays offering.

My name is Bill and I'm a Williamsaholic.
I will join, I haven't used williams soaps since the 1980's I bought a puck a couple of days ago. When my current VDH runs out in a day or so I will start using it again. I am and was thinking of mixing it with (the VDH soap) with the Williams soap.
My grandfather taught me to shave using Williams in 1989 when I was about to become a freshman in high school. I have used it ever since other than the can of barfasol I was forced to buy and use in boot camp. I did switch to cartridge razors for several years but like Anakin Skywalker I have come back to the good side. But I always used a brush (burma shave brush) a mug and Williams soap. The trick to Williams is throw the brush in the mug on top of the soap fill with water and let it sit while you take a shower. When you get out of the shower dump the water out throw the wet brush back in with keeping just enough water to barely cover the soap, make a good lather in the mug (takes a minute or 2.) Put the lather on your wet face. It will be thinner than shaving cream but the issue is not how thick the lather is but rather how well it lets the razor glide over your face without irritation. If the lather is too dry it will dry on your face.
I have yet to completely master this soap. +1 on soaking the puck and the brush. My water ranges from soft to hard with an average hardness of 135 ppm. I am getting less cushion than other soaps. So I create more leakers and weepers with Williams, same blade and technique. I face lather but I bought cheap mug to see if I can build a better lather. I may stick around for awhile to see what I can learn.
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I will join, I haven't used williams soaps since the 1980's I bought a puck a couple of days ago. When my current VDH runs out in a day or so I will start using it again. I am and was thinking of mixing it with (the VDH soap) with the Williams soap.

Van der Williams is reportedly a good frankensoap, better than the sum of its parts. People reporting success have grated both and either pressed them or melted the VdH and mixed in the Williams gratings. I'll eventually get around to making a VdW puck.
I reach for Williams whenever I have to be somewhere and I'm in a rush. It's my go to when I need to get going. It was also my first experience when I started wet shaving last year. Great product and I hope that I will be able to get it for ever. I would be honored to join the club.
New member falling in!

i too seem to like williams! the first time i made a lather with it i thought it was alright, the following times i just loved it. I will admit that it is no where as thick as the other shaving soaps i have tried, but it can definitely get the job done and at a fraction of the price of other shaving soaps that i own. I even like the smell!

with all that said though, i probably wouldnt recommend it most people because it is slightly difficult to lather if not done correctly. other soaps seem to be a little more forgiving in how you make a lather while Williams is not exactly the same.
I am currently using this soap, started with VDH glycerine and liked it. I'm trying to master it but I either get too dry or too wet of a lather. I will try the hot water in the bowl method next shave.

I lather on the puck, recommended??
I may pick up a few of these pucks....for reasons I'm unsure of yet but it doesn't hurt to have it and won't hurt to use it. I have to get through the rest of my stock first, though.
I tried it several years ago with no luck. I was looking at some in the store the other day and noticed it has tallow. I could swear that I read somewhere that they stopped using tallow in it.


Unacceptably Lasering Chicken Giblets?
I had two pucks in my den so I placed one in an Old Spice mug today just to see.
Damn fine shave.
Smells like ivory and lathers nicely.
Not fancy but gets the job done.
Solid soap for me.
I bought some out of curiosity, and while it works for me it really doesn't compare well to my other soaps. I can't argue with the value for money that Williams offers though. I'm probably going to finish it off in superlathers.

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