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Williams Mug Soap. Tell me something good!

Only in a Williams thread. Its threads like this that keep that product marketed. Anyone who hasnt tried Williams by now will want to out of morbid curiosity after reading these 100 posts.
Williams lathers about as effectively as a hemorrhoid cream.

And the after effects of a shave with Williams will make you glad you had some ointment on hand--- pain, redness, swelling.

Let's face it--modern Williams truly is a pain in the @$#!
So is williams a Canadian product? My box says made in U.S.A. but your mug says Montreal.
Does this mug represent the 'vintage' Williams?


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I really love that mug!!! I'd love to know where you got it.
I was looking for an Old Spice mug at a local flea market (which I only visit 1-2 times a year maybe) and stumbled across it. Purely by accident and I'm not sure if I'll use it as it is definitely more coffee-mug sized than shaving mug (for me anyway).
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May Just have to pick up a puck of this stuff so I can get in on all the fun. I'm pretty sure I have enough money floating around under the floor mats in my car, which is nice.
I left this thread alone for a few days and I come back to this?!?!? You guys are putting lube and suppositories into your Williams now?!? And Seraphim is getting hemorrhoids from shaving? (dude, it doesn't go there :001_tongu) WTH happened?
Williams lathers about as effectively as a hemorrhoid cream
1. I'm sorry to hear about your affliction. it really is too much info, but we're all friends here
2. I know you find it hard to lather Williams but substituting your bottom cream for practice isn't a good idea.
3. don't put them both back in the bathroom cupboard! we don't need SWMBO confusing bottom cream with, er.... products she uses
As for some useful information, I made a wonderful lather lastnight using williams as a base, and Col.Conk lime glycerin soap for an added kick.
I made the lather in the shower and had zero problems. It was a worthy substitute for the suppositorie idea
Today I was in line at the local drugstore behind a dapper-looking gent, and he had something to say about Williams. He looked familiar... I am not certain, but I think he was the gent from the Pinaud Clubman label. Whoever he was, it was a pleasure to listen to him talk.

No, thank you! I want WILLIAMS Shaving Soap. I beg your pardon there isn't anything else 'just as good'. I have used Williams Soap all my life and know what I am talking about. O yes: I've tried the other kinds but they were all failures – lather dried quickly, my face smarted, they made shaving a nightmare! Give me Williams Soap, please, that's good enough for me.
Great, now I'm gonna have to get a puck. But I don't know about using it with a glycerin suppository or lathering with Preparation H. I do have the KY thou.
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