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WillG's Peppermint "Emerald" shaving soap....


Will.... you are a scholar and a gentleman.



After four Passes....

This soap is Aloe, Glycerin, Olive oil and Viramin E based - and lemme tell you, works like the dickens. Incredibly lubric, easy to lather, and leaves yoru face feeling AMAZING. SUPER moisturized, but not at all greasy. Followed up with some of his A/S balm, and pure heaven gentlemen. The scent is very interesting... peppermint, but with hints of lime, and other "scents" more than likely due to the olive oil and vitamin E, however it stays pretty true to its scent, and is truly delightful.

Someone asked in the other WillG thread what the #7 smelled like.... honestly? It is terribly hard to describe. It smells delightful - but I would suggest giving the #37 a go. It is AMAZING.

Only one gripe..... Will sent me 2 bottles of #37 aftershave, as the peppermint was a mislabeled #37. DOH! It was enjoyable none the less.

If you told me the WillG shaving soaps were the "best" soaps on the market... I'd really have a hard time arguing with you.....
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Joel, looks like another winner! I've ordered the shea butter soap and a bottle of ginger lime aftershave! I'm looking forward to it after your great reviews.

Yet another thing to add to the queue. I was the one who asked about fragrance # 7, but I will take your advice and try #37 first (and probably peppermint)
Scotto said:
Which is better, the emerald or shea soaps?? :confused:

You know... I don't know. Haven't had enough time with them. The Shea certainly is the wackiest soap I have used. Responds quite differently from other shaving soaps, and is INCREDIBLY moisturizing... but then again so is the emerald. Honestly - they are both superb.
Today was my first try with the emerald soap, and i'll have to use it a few more times to gauge the lubricity, but the lather just exploded- easier than any other glycerine soap I've tried. The cooling sensation flying up my nose from the peppermint lather was just a luxurious sort of bonus.
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