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Will shea butter soften bristles over time?

Perhaps a silly question, but does anyone have first-hand experience with this?

I was reading up on Institut Karité and saw a post over at Straight Razor Place that mentioned the bristles of a brush would soften if you used IK for a couple of months. I assume this also applies to Fitjar's Shea Pleasure cream, which I have a sample of but have yet to try, or any other cream/soap with shea butter.

My question is: are shea-based products best avoided if you wish to maintain bristle stiffness?
I have not read this anyplace, but if it was to be true I'd be really disappointed. French shae butter soaps are my favorite right now.
Shea butter acts as a moisturizer, so it's possible but I don't see how it could affect a brush that noticeably. I do know that it's harder to rinse out of a brush.
I've used Pre de Provence for the last six months and haven't noticed any difference, but I also have a large rotation of brushes and soaps/creams.
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