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Will G Experience

Hey guys,
Just wanted to write a quick review of my experience with the Will G shaving soap. I have previously only tried a few items(Cremo Cream, C&E Sandalwood/Sienna samples, Nancy Boy, and Surrey Soap). I really liked the shave I got with this soap better than any of the other products I used. I got only one nick on my entire face after doing three passes(one with the grain, one across, one against). When using any of the other items, I got at least 4 or 5 spots that were bleeding. However, I did use the Israeli blades this time(thanks Tony!) as opposed to the Merkur blades I used in all of the other shaves, so I don't know if this was the difference or if it was the soap. I am going to give the Merkurs another shot with the Will G soap and see how it holds up. I will also try out those other Creams with the Israeli blades to see what happens. Also, just used Sue's New Spice Cologne, and its great!
It works great for me and I love the patchouli. I can't get a really thick lather like from a cream but that's expected. I have no problems shaving with it and my face is very soft afterwards.

Maybe I overlooked it (twice), but which of the Will G soaps did you use? I have Peppermint and Patchouli. I like them both. And at this moment, I'm thinking I may slice off a small sample of each and melt them together, or try to melt them together. Could be a dynamite combo!

I used the Shea butter scent #7. I don't really care for the scent too much, but it didn't linger on my face too long after the shave, and it shaved wonderfully.
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