Will Creed be cheaper in Paris?

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    My wife and I are going on a little jaunt to Paris this june. I have caught the Creed bug (thanks B&B.....argh) but the $250 price tag at neiman marcus puts me off a bit. Will it be cheaper in Paris/elsewhere in France? If not, what are reputable web sources for Creed (I've been told Green Irish Tweed is one of the most counterfeited frangrances out there and that one needs to be extremely careful). For example is beautiful perfumes via Amazon considered to be reputable?
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  1. Creed
    38 av Pierre 1er de Serbie
    75008 PARIS
    +33 (0)1 47 20 58 02

    but not cheap :001_rolle
  2. Maybe I'm missing something, but why would it be cheaper in Paris? Everything in Paris, from coffee to hotels, is expensive.
  3. A valid point, my only thought was its minus shipping and tarriffs combined with cutting out the middle man. But the fact that its in Paris likely cancels all that out.
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    Check out the Duty Free shop.
  5. Depending on the scent you might be better off ordering online. I bought their Royal Scottish Lavender from scentiments.com. They were MUCH cheaper than Saks!
  6. No. You will pay more for it in person than you would off the internet.

    At least, that's been my experience.
  7. JDE


    Mine too. I've also never seen Creed in a Duty Free shop, much to my annoyance.

    I'd go to the Creed outlet in Paris and fill my boots with samples, personally.
  8. Join Basenotes and shop in the For Sale section. Often see Creed for sale there, most often partial bottles. Probably best prices.
  9. Believe it or not, Air France somtimes sells Creed on their long haul flights.

    I usually do all my buying on the way home...
  10. When I bought a a 75ml spray bottle of Love in White for my wife for Christmas this year, it was 125€ at the boutique by the Champs-Elysee. I'm not sure if that was a special price, or they screwed up, but I was very surprised (since it retails for US$275 in that size).

    I'll be heading back soon for a same-size bottle of Green Irish Tweed.
  11. Recently I started to see Creed in the duty shops in Asia. I'm certain it now sold in Inchon airport.
  12. Be sure to get the VAT refund. That will make a big difference for you.
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    Instead, go visit MdC! See the member's recent trip report and great photos!
  14. Maybe with the VAT refund. Obviously also depends on the exchange rate. When I went to Penhaligons in London it was around 100 pounds for a bottle. Which is like $160 US. So no, it wasn't cheaper in London than getting it in the US.
  15. It won't be cheaper. The best prices for legitimate Creed is online at places like fragrancenet, beautyencounter, and lily direct etc.
    With Amazon it depends on who the vendor is. If it's a legitimate 3rd party vendor like one of the three above, then you'll be fine. If it's sold directly by Amazon, you should be fine. If it's an unknown 3rd party vendor, I would avoid.
  16. GREEN IRISH TWEED in Paris :
    - 75 ml = 119€
    - 120 ml = 140€
    - 250 ml = 205€



    GREEN IRISH TWEED SOAP (150 G) = 23€
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  17. Based on all my research when I first started, if you see it cheap online it is one of two things. If from one of the aforementioned legitimate supplier (I use fragrancenet) it is likely overstock that is a bit older, so you run the slight chance of the juice being bad (I have not had that happen). The other option is sites like amazon where it does depend on the vendor. However, even Amazon has a reputation for supplying faked stuff. I'm not saying they do it intentionally, but it does seem to happen.

    YMMV, but the cheapest I've seen is splits/decants or sites like fragrancenet.
  18. And I can confirm that price (I bought it a week ago).
  19. me and my wife would like to visit paris and maybe I will go Creed Paris boutique. When i look at creed europe web site prices of aventus seems reasonable than US. But there is no 250 ml flacon in this web site. I am wondering Creed paris has 250 ml flacon and price ofc.

    On the other hand can we fill tVAT refund form (Global Blue or so) in there ?
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