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Wilkinson sword strop / holder

Hello everyone, i just missed out on this on a popular auction site.... im wishing i had bid a bit higher. I haven't seen these before, and after a subsequent search, i havent found any info on it.... does anyone know the correct name for this strop holdet? And are they super rare or do they pop up from time to time?
Thank you, kev
Stropping machine. Clamp razor in holder, pull D rings alternately to run strop back and forth. Overthinking, overengineering. Clever but no better than just stropping. I restored a couple and sold them for pretty good money, though.
Ah ok, what blades razors did it take? The d.e ones? Im on straight razors, just thought it looked cool and i assumed it was it was some sort of hanger
And thanks for replying!