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Wilkinson Sword - majorly underrated

The stick is really outstanding. A classic example of a great product that goes under the radar. I think it is as slick as MWF but much easier to lather quickly. Many years ago I tried the bowl (the blue one) as my dad was using it. It is completely different and nowhere near as good in my view.
The Wilkinson Sword stick is a really good product. Great performance and scent.

The general consensus on the bowl seems to be a bit meh, but it's adequate if nothing else.
What about the Wilkinson Shaving Soap in Bowl 125 gr, any good ?

where do you guys get it in the USA ?
I don't mind the blue bowl soap. Went through one, have another in reserve. Sort of a modern, aquatic scent. I found it performed best when worked with a heavily loaded synthetic brush.

Last time I saw a shave video with that soap, the bowl was black. Same soap? I think so.

There are a few online vendors that sell it, and of course, Amazon.
Wilkinson Sword Stick is luscious and smooth, like Speick! Plus, it's BLUE! I grated mine into a bowl for easy lathering
Used the stick on Friday - very good.

Black bowl this morning. Reasonable for the price, but I have a lot of things that are better and the stick is one of them.
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