Wilkinson Sword Classic vs German vs Chinese vs Indian

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    That mind of yours is just always working, isn't it. :D
  1. I have exchanged e-mails with a Brazilian dist. begging to buy some and he said no way. :a32:
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    I tried quite a few over the years..... no luck....
  3. Yes, it seems the number of blades per tuck is not a reliable indicator.
  4. Well, if you want a couple of the Chinese made blades, drop me a private message with your address. I had a tuck of five come in the mail this past week, tried one, not a fan, not going to use the others.
  5. Well, what happened and what razor did you use?
  6. Gillette Slim on 7. Used twice. Would not take down my jawline and chin hair. Too many passes led to too much feedback from aftershave, and I still needed to shave again later the same day. Not good enough.

    That razor with that setting and loaded with most PPI blades or German Wilkies takes down my beard in three passes with no effort or drama. I have enough of such that I don't need to own things I don't like.
  7. The Classics from Germany are my No.1 blade. The Indian ones are OK, but nothing to get excited about, and I haven't bothered with the others.
  8. For folks who like very sharp blades, the German made Wilkinson Sword Classic blades tend to work best. The first shave with a German Wilkie is not quite as sharp, but after that they really sharpen up.

    The Gillette Wilkinson Sword blades are very consistent, long-lasting blades which makes them ideal for some users, but they are not quite as sharp as the German blades after the first shave. I find them to be very similar to Voskhod blades.

    Both versions of the Wilkinson Sword are worth trying. The one you like best will be a matter of your beard coarseness, you skin sensitivity and the razor in which the blade is used.
  9. I have tried the latest Wilkinson "5" blade from UK.
    Mediocre blade at least. I am not the best fan.

    I tried Wilkinson vintage from Greece. Maybe older UK. Similar feeling as the above blade. Maybe a little rougher.

    I tried Wilkinson from Germany in two different packages. One bigger and one smaller. The same blade. Sometimes I liked the shave with these others not.

    I tried Wilkinson economie. I had low expectations but was quite similar with Wilkinson from Germany in the black packaging. Not bad but not great either. Maybe less sharp ? Who knows...

    Last but not least I tried Gillette Wilkinson Sword.
    If I bought the original and not fake blades, then I am sure it was the worst blade I ever tried. It was rough, harsh giving me an uncomfortable shave. I had Nicks cuts and my face was fully irritated.
    Till then I thought Gillette 7 o'clock was the worst blade. Guess I was wrong...

  10. No way. I Indian ones have a more consistent level
    Of sharpness through usage.

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  11. +1
  12. I think I am struggling to understand why people insist on comparing these blades against one another. It's like making a habit of comparing Astras and Lords. They're two completely different blades made to completely different standards by completely different companies. The similar name is totally irrelevant to the discussion.

    That aside, it's been my experience that the Gillette blades are more consistent from shave to shave than the German blades, but they are consistently duller and don't last as long. The low price doesn't make up for that for me.
  13. Well, I had 18 shaves from the blade I used in July this year. That's long enough lasting for me.
  14. The Indian blades are like 9 bucks per 100, so if they last half as long as the Germans they break even. But at that price I use the Indian ones 4 times and toss them—would rather have consistency that longevity.

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  15. I have some spare Brazilian Wilkinsons.. PM me if you'd like some! :)
  16. Couldn't agree more.
  17. The first 4 or 5 years of my wet shaving I used modern blades bought through the usual vendors and all versions of Wilkinsons were crap for me. Then I slowly started using vintage blades and now that's all I use and those Wilkies range from great to one of the two best blades ever...for me.
    The Super Swords are great and the "Light Brigades " are the best. Light years difference, the name they stamp on the blades and packs are the only thing they have in common with what's floating around now.
  18. I prefer the Indian and Chinese versions. The Indian version is slightly sharper and the Chinese version is slightly smoother. Did not like the experience with the German or NOS English versions. As always, YMMV.

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