Wilkinson Sword Classic vs German vs Chinese vs Indian

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  1. I've had a lot of success using Gillette Wilkinson Sword Saloon Pack (India).
  2. I have some German made Wilkinson Sword Classic blades (Edgewell) and some Chinese made Gillette Wilkinson Sword blades.

    I find that the German blades are mid-sharp on the first shave, but become extremely sharp as the coating wears off. If you are not expecting this change, you might well experience nicks and weepers after the first shave, especially if your technique is not good.

    The Chinese made blades are more consistent from the first shave to the second. However, they are not as sharp overall as the German blades. I find them similar to the Gillette Silver Blue and 7 O'Clock Super Stainless Green.
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    The Wilkinson Brazil blades are excellent, I never liked the German production.. The original UK blades were superb ....
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  5. German Wilkinson Classic are very good blades indeed. Keen , super smooth and long lasting.
    If you have a microscope have a look at the various blades. You will see some alarming things.
  6. You will see merely the outside of the blade coating. Regardless, even if you could see the edge it would be meaningless.
  7. Acetone wipe on DE's takes care of the coatings.
    Meaningless??? I don't think so. If I see small chips and irregularity in a blade there's a really good chance its going to shave like crap.
    What you see is proven with a shave.
    From your avatar I would think you like Wilkinsons. There are three distinct grinds on them each at a successively steeper angle.
    They are very well ground!
  8. Well I guess I've got an extra 100 blades made in India.
  9. I've had same issue with different seller who pictured Chinese and sent Indian. Best order from Maggard.

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  10. German Wilkies are top blades for me!
  11. The grind is not as important as the edge hardening via sputtering and coating. Sharpness is of little importance, it's the edge hardening and coatings that impart the smoothness and not the sharpness. Gillette figured this out in the late 1950's and said as such.
  12. That is incorrect. I bought 100 Gillette Wilkinsons that came in the standard blue pack and they say made in India on the back of each tuck. So it is NOT just the Saloon packs that are made in India. The blue packs are made in both India and China.
  13. Yes. I had some 200 Chinese made. And then recently I received a razor that had a pack of Wilkies with it. The regular 5-pack, and it says Made in India Mfg. date 09/18
  14. So its not important to have good grinding? Chips and wavy edges are ok so long as the edge is hard?
    Sharpness is of little importance?

    Happy shaves.
  15. No, just that anyone can grind a blade nowadays. It's not "cold fusion". You are not understanding that what you sense as "sharpness" is not.

  16. Is there a vendor of the Brazilian blades that sells to the US? I know the blades exist but no idea how to acquire them.
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    No Brazilian vendor will ship to America...... I got mine in a trade years ago.... LÂMINAS DE BARBEAR ATACADO
  18. Well if no one will ship them to me then I guess it doesn't matter how good they are. :) I'll just keep using what I have. I get along fine with the German blades though, and for Brazilian blades I have a quantity of Gillette Platinum Plus made there. They're excellent.
  19. We should start a "Go Fund Me" page to charter a Brazilian cargo ship chock full. Maybe I could become a real "Blade Runner"!!! :D

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