Wilkinson Sword Classic vs German vs Chinese vs Indian

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    Can any sum up the differences between these blades and/or comment on whether one/some of them are the same as the others? Tnx.

    Also, when people say "I love Wilkies!" which of these 4 are they typically referring to? Is one of them the clear front-runner as a fan favorite?
  1. To me first and second Wilkinson Premium, third Wilkinson Économie.
  2. I can only tell you my opinion. The German Wilkie are crap. Genrations of German men had to torture themselfes with those (including myself in the 1980s and 1990s).

    The Indians are very smooth, not the sharpest, not the dullest, a good choice if green Astras are a bit too sharp and too harsh on your skin. The Chinese ones are about the same, a tat less smooth but a tiny bit sharper.

    Most guys refer to the German ones.
  3. The German made blades have nothing to do with the others.
    They're made in Solingen by Edgewell and are widely distributed in Europe, also available in the USA. In Europe they come in a couple of different grades, I guess, there is an economie and a classic, and I've never heard anyone say anything good about the economie blades. Most of what's out there are the Classic blades. I use those regularly because they are sold in stores local to me. I find them sharp, smooth, and durable.

    The WS name belongs to Gillette elsewhere in the world. India / China blades are intended for distribution in India; they are a midrange blade there below the 7OC Super Platinum and commonly sold to barbers. I don't know those blades well but people who use them find them smooth and effective but not particularly durable. On the other hand, they're so inexpensive it's not much of an issue.

    Gillette also produces WS blades for the South American markets in Brazil, but those rarely find their way out of South America.
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  4. I've long been a fan of the German Wilkinson Sword Classics. But I've recently acquired a stash of NOS English-Made Classics and have been using those. Good but not great. Perhaps I'll do a face-off between them and the German-mfg Wilkies and see which one wins.
  5. IMHO Astras (green and blue) are good to... sptead butter.
  6. Interesting thread!! YMMV for sure.

    For me, the German classic Wilkies are very good blades. I also like the Chinese Wilkies (for the Indian market), which are just a cut below the German option. :a14::a14:
  7. GOD!! I’m so glad I got about 625 blades of vintage NOS English Wilky

    Love English Wilky please bring them back into the market, stuff the Germans, Chinese and Indian blades
  8. Lucky guy!!!

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  9. Cost me my two kidneys..... Ouch!
  10. Broken lucky guy!

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  11. Classic/German (Edgewell) is the only good one
  12. Where would I pick up the chinese ones to try out? All the ones on ebay say they are from India.
  13. Search gillette wilkinson sword china in ebay and you'll find one listing for a 5-pack. I bought from him last week but haven't tried them yet.

    I think if somebody is offering the 100s in hanging display of 20 5-blade tucks those might be Chinese and the saloon packs might be MII. But I am not sure. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
  14. I have confirmed this with others and you are correct. Thanks for your input.
  15. It is far wiser to message the vendor beforehand to ask. An ounce of prevention...
  16. Guys, about that Chinese and Indian made Wilkisons dilemma. Last summer I asked a seller on Ebay, if they were Chinese or Indian. He said they were Chinese. And 2 weeks later I receved 50 Indian-made [Saloon pack], which I don't like. So, be careful.
  17. And again. I checked the seller's feedback [the link stuttgurth gave in his post].
    Here are 3 users responses:

    Product shipped (India production) was not the one advertised.(China product)

    100 pc GILLETTE WILKINSON SWORD RAZOR BLADES double edge safety razor blade*** (#293040047342)

    The item I received was not what was pictured and the seller stopped responding.


    одна из двух упаковок была открыта,не хватало одной из 5 пачек лезвий.

    100 pc GILLETTE WILKINSON SWORD RAZOR BLADES double edge safety razor blade*** (#292990031125)

    Since the last one is in Russian, I'll translate:
    One of the 2 packs was open, and there was one of the all 5 packs missing.

    So, basically, my experience is that half of the Indian sellers are lying ba*tards. I have now ordered Dettol shaving cream and for a week the seller hasn't shipped it.

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