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Wilkinson Sword Black Box German?

I had two days with a really tough growth and mowed them down with a Wilkinson Sword Black box, which I believe, are German made?

The box is black and was plastic wrapped with a gold band on the outside. The white removeable insert has the Wilkinson Sword logo in black with some numbers on the lower right corner: 70711010. The blades are in a wax paper wrapper with Wilkinson Sword written in black. The blades only say Wilkinson Sword on the top part of the blade and have two wax spots which are attached to the wrapper. This blade worked so well for me that I'd really like to know what Country they were manufactured in??? This box came from a sampler pack that I purchased some time ago.

Anyway, This in my EJ DE89 BL was one of the most comfortable and close shaves I’ve had to date!!!

It went through with no pulling or tugging, no irritation or weepers, just a super smooth and close problem free shave (yeah)! I can’t say how many shaves I’ll get from it, as this was the first of a new opened pack.

Thanks and Happy Shaving!!!:001_smile
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Had the same experience this morning with these blades. I'm wondering if all the varieties of wilkinson are this good?
Wow. If the German Wilkies are really that good, $13 pounds, or $20 USD is really a great price per 100. I may have to look into these.
Razor Blades and More has German Wilkies but only in 5 and 10 packs. And more expensive than WalMart.
The German Wilkinsons are a reliable and decent shave, probably the reason I keep them in my Dopp kit. They are also ridiculously cheap and available. Not that sharp though.
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These are my favorite blade so far, went to my local Walmart yesterday and bought the last two. The girl working in the isle told me is not up to them to order them. These sort of item are sent by the higher ups. It sounds to me they are not bringing these back :scared:. Stock up people!
For me the German Wilkinsons are very smooth and sharp but deteriorate rapidly, and I can only get two good shaves from them.
But they are very consistent and reliable and i use them when I'm trying out a new razor to get the feel of it.
They are everywhere in the UK, expensive from supermarkets and cheap from independent chemists.

The Indian Gillette Wilkinson Swords are also very nice, smooth, sharp and very cheap but again deteriorate quite rapidly for me.
The vintage Made In England Wilkinsons, however, must surely be among the greatest blades ever made...


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I feel they are a great blade for 18¢ on a 10 pack. Good deal, if they were discontinued today there would be widespread mourning, believe it.

I get more than two shaves, many more, it's a sharp blade that holds its edge.
I am on number 3 in the am. The slim that just arrived today (cased mint $20 on tehbay) will get the pleasure. They are not my favs. But theyvare good.
They are my main blade. They also come in a white pack, not sure if there is any difference.

I have one of the old ones made in England, I plan on using it over Christmas.
Today I shaved my head and my face with a new German Wilkie right out of a brand new 100 sleeve. The blade felt extremely rough. The shave was horrible, I was left with bleeding cuts and horrible razor burn. So I just took all the Wilkies and threw them into the trash. I've thought about PIFing them, but I was so disgusted with them, that I wanted to get rid of them as soon as possible and dumping them was a great satisfaction. No more German Wilkies for me. Vile stuff. Keep away.
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