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Wilkinson Baldes

Found some Wilkinson Sword blades in Albuquerque, they were made in Germany, megastore had them for $ 0.75 a 10 blade pack, have any of you other members tried these, if you have, how did they shave? Looks like they were trying to get rid of them at that price.
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I have used them and found them to be really good. I picked up some extras when Walmart had them on sale. They were getting rid of them also.
When I started DE shaving about 6 months ago the first blades I got Wilkinson Sword from Walmart for $1.76 pack of 10. Got 2 packs first shave was the best I had in years (used a Sensor for the past 20 years) After that the blade went quickly downhill the second shave not nearly as close as the first shave, felt very rough Now I use Astra SP very smooth & can get 6-7 shaves out of a blade.
But everybody is different like they say "YMMV".

Sounds like every Walmart did away with DE blades.
for that price buy them all!

... just kidding, but the German ones are good and you can't beat that price
Thanks for the advice guys, went back and bought all they had, now I've got at least a 10 year supply of all brands of blades. Will this obsession ever stop.
Thanks Stubble, but somehow I don't think that will happen in this lifetime. Can't grow a beard worth a darn, so I guess I'll keep on shaving.
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