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Wilford Brimley - RIP

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
May he rest in peace. He was a regular bloke, fooling around on Twitter till the day before he died.

Here's the scene from The Natural where Roy Hobbs shows up in the dressing room having signed himself out of the hospital. Knights' manager Brimley is using a straight, while coach Red Blow (Richard Farnsworth) appears to me to be using a Black Beauty adjustable. The only problem with that is that the film is set in 1939, and the Black Beauty didn't appear till the mid to late 1960s.

I've seen a few of his movies, but growing up he was the grandfather who was concerned about diabeetus or that I wasn't eating enough oatmeal.

He still seemed like he was one of the good guys. Like if he were your neighbor, as famous as he was, would talk with your for hours about the importance of relief pitching or how to get early season bass to bite.
Back when I was railroading up Greybull, WY, I’d see Brimley, who owned a working ranch outside of town, when he’d come to town ... and from what I saw, he certainly was a good egg.