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WildWest74's Straight Shaving Journey

Having been DE shaving for over a month, I feel very locked in, and I have been getting awesome shaves every day. I originally started with DE because straights seemed rather intimidating. I would say that my confidence has improved to the point that I am ready to give straights a shot. I envision myself continuing to use my DEs each morning (up at oh-dark-thirty for work), with the straight being my weekend treat. But I am approaching this with a healthy respect for the difficult learning curve.

I was not sure I would get to start this journey anytime soon, but thanks to fellow user lmarkow I will soon be test-driving a straight for the first time. Barring any Act of God or Wrath of Wife I will be documenting my journey here. I look forward to learning this, and am grateful for the support of a wonderful community.

Saddle up!

Glad to see you are joining in. I had similar problems with allotting time to shave. rather than turning it into a weekend activity, I decided to shave the night prior. I'm not sure if this would work for you or not, but it would allow for more frequent shaving. Even if you did this and did a quick DE touch up in the morning to get rid of stubble if necessary, it would help you gain skills significantly quicker. Then again, I'm firmly in the throw-the-baby-in-the-deep-end-and-let-them-figure-out-how-to-swim school of thought.
Welcome to the fun side of shaving! You thought you knew what "no pressure" meant? Guess again!

There's a great bunch of guys keeping journals here. One or two even seem to know a little about what they're doing as well. :lol:
As I await the package, I have decided to pick up a pair of flawed poor man stops from Larry at Whipped Dog (I can explain them better once the razor has arrived, and I can always tell her I will sell them if straight shaving isn't for me... that's the ticket!). However, it seems that summer vacation will be delaying the order, so I will not get the strops until after 18 Aug. So now, the real wait will begin once the package arrives. I dare not try to shave until I know that I can strop. I expect this to be a lesson in patience and self control. Like a ninja, I must master my body and its impulses and desires.

. . . . or you could just use newspaper, denim, or a wide belt. lol

I have a bull hide gun belt that I don't wear as much. It's embossed outside but smooth inside. Maybe that could work?

If I use denim, how many strops do you suggest?
As long as the leather is smooth (and clean), you should be fine. Just remember it may get cut up a bit, so you may not want to "sacrifice" a belt you might otherwise use. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "how many strops" re: denim. I've never used it, but I would think a singer 3" strip would be sufficient. You might want to avoid using a pair of pants for the time being, especially if your leg is still in it . . . .
My terminology is off. How many laps on denim should have been the question. I have several pairs of jeans that no longer fit (too big!) that I could sacrifice if need be.

I may end up waiting until the real strops arrive, but having options never hurt. And I certainly don't want to mess up the razor!
Around 30 (up and back = 1) should be plenty. The razor is a tank. As long as you're careful with the edge, I don't think there's much harm that can be done to a GD.
Awesome, thanks! :thumbup:

Now, in this journal I will also be documenting the reactions of my wife, who has been integral in getting me into wet shaving. She gave me my first brush, and she bought me my first razor, a Micro Touch One. I will admit, she's getting a little tired of me and my shaving right now. She believes I have enough shave gear to last me awhile (she is obviously new to this). I told her about the razor I will be getting to try out, and she acknowledged me but moved on before I could giver her any details. Her feelings are still a little hurt that I got a second DE, as though it meant the one she got me was not good enough. To appease her I spent the weekend shaving with it instead of my Pre War Fat Handle Tech from Delta Echo. I am anxious to see her reaction when she realizes the next razor is a straight. Should be an interesting conversation!

Also, she has officially banished Captain's CO9T from our bathroom, unless she has showered first (rarely happens). She says it's too strong a scent early in the morning, and it does linger. So the bottle is now in the hallway bathroom with the cats (appropriate), and I splash before I go downstairs.
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The package is here! Not opened yet. Trying to decide if I shave tonight just today's growth, or leave it until tomorrow when there will be more to cut.

Leave it until tomorrow is my suggestion. I found, especially early on that the shaves went smoother with more growth.
Glad it arrived. Like all things around here, ymmv. Some very long time shavers suggest shaving with the straight early on after a DE pass. That way you're less worried about removing hair than getting comfortable with a real sharp knife against your face with no net (e.g., safety bar, etc.). Either way, I do not recommend waiting for a couple days growth. Good luck!
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