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Why open comb?

Hi all, new guy here. I've been searching the forums trying to figure out exactly what the purpose of the open comb design is. I've read reviews from folks saying some open comb's are more aggressive, some are not. I understand the difference between a slant and a standard head, but not the purpose or advantage of the open comb. Why would a person choose this design over the other options?
I've been wondering the same thing. It has to do with a closer shave I believe, in some respect, but seems to be a preference thing.
The open comb has in itself nothing to do with aggressiveness. That is decided by the combination of blade gap (mostly), weight and your own hand (pressure).
It is a different kind of shave and when you shave just occasionally or have a grain going all over the place the OC is what you want.
I really love them but they don't guarantee a closer shave just because it has a few teeth....


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One of the thing is to remove the lather with the blade instead of the safety bar. The aggressiveness of the razor varies. An open comb razor won't automatically be more aggressive than a closed comb razor. For myself, I like the way it work, it's giving me a closer shave and I love the looks.
I've only shaved with 1 open come so far (I think it's a ball end tech) I find the teeth to be a little scratchy on my face when I use it.
I have a Bullmastif with a open comb NEW head . I like the way it let's you know when the angle is wrong by the comb marks.
The way I understand it is that there is no special purpose to the design, apart from it being a safety measure: the original way to keep the blade from cutting into your face. The original DE had an open comb, the solid safety bar is a later development.
Supposedly the solid guard was introduced to lower the production costs - not because it was/is superior to the open comb.

I use both open- and closed comb razors. My favourite is the Gillette NEW or NEW Standard - one of the classic open combs, no. two is the 40s Gillette Super Speed, a solid guard.

A razors is not autmoatically agressive just because it is an open comb, the Merkur 15C is a good example - this is one of the mildest razors out there. And; a razor is not automatically mild bacause it is a solid guard.


The New Open Comb is the epitome of razor design, those shave engineers hit the nail on the head with the New Open Comb, beautiful synergy of form, efficiency, reliability and simplicity, the best shaver for all types of beard, thick, thin, 10 day beard or daily shaver, but expensive to make...enter the bean counters and perpetual business model which replaced "true technical improvement of design", and the rest is history, anyone for 6 blades on a razor...
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my understanding was that the open comb was to allow shaving a beard off easier.

It let the combs ride against the skin, rather than having the safety bar skipping along the top of the hairs.
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