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Why no love for the Simpsons Special?

I just got me a SIMPSONS SPECIAL - Best Badger. Well about a week ago anyway.

Apparently it's the cheapest in the range. Whilst being the cheapest it's definitely not a cheap quality brush, far from it. It has a short loft but really nice and soft hair.

I've tried this with both Creams lathered in a bowl (Erasmic and TOBS) and Soaps face lathered (Speick, Arko, Ogallala Bay Rum) and have had great success with this brush.

It's certainly whetted my appetite for a higher quality Simpsons brush. Heh I feel that a WEE SCOTT and possibly a DUKE will be coming my way shortly :lol:

So who else uses a Simpsons Special? (apart from Homer that is?)
I agree Mick, I have had a Simpsons Special for well over a year, great little brush, got it from Diamond edge here in the UK...Fancy getting a Chubby 1 when funds permit !
Looks like a great small brush! With that great handle I'd definitely recommend that one as a nice small face-lathering brush.
seems too "little" to me....

Shoebox (http://www.shoeboxshaveshop.com/simpsons-special----badger-shaving-brush.html) says "Ht: 90 mm Loft: 40 mm Base: 50 Knot: 19 mm". Superior Shave (http://www.thesuperiorshave.com/Simpsons_Brushes.html) says "Weight: 49 grams Handle Diameter: 33mm Overall Height: 92mm Knot Diameter: 18mm Bristle Loft: 42mm", close to the same.

That seems like a very short loft and a small knot, even for face-lathering.

It manages to do it's job very well and I'm not particularly a big fan of short lofts.
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