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Why Join This Shaving Forum ?

Alright all you Lurkers !!! :ohmy:

Over the past few months, Badger and Blade and increased thier membership tremendously. There must be a good reason for that. Instead of being on the outside looking in...join up and be a part of the gang.:thumbup:

I sometimes will see up to 50 lurkers at one time. Perhaps you will have more fun if you are a part of our group.:jump:

However, I won't give you my reasons for joining, we would like for our members to post THIER REASONS for joining and any additional comments about what this forum means to them. :idea:

So all of you lurkers, come on in.....:a29:

Mark the shoeshine boy

:a21: :a5: :a22: :a22: :shaving:
If a year ago I had heard about a Web forum dedicated to shaving, I would have laughed. Shaving?! You wake up, slop some goo over your puss, and drag your Mach III through the mess. Sure, shaving sucks, but that's why I make sure I'm done in 60 seconds. I get ingrown hairs all the time, but there's nothing you can do about it. Hey, did you hear about that five-blader they're coming out with soon? I wonder if that will take care of my ingrowns?

But last September, I read the infamous MSNBC wet shaving article and was intrigued. The next month I took an unexpected $100 work bonus and got a starter set from ClassicShaving.com. I began consulting the Web for tips on angles, lathering and how to take care of nicks. And then I practiced, practiced, practiced.

Once another modest sum of money fell into my lap, I thought I better research wet shaving products before purchasing anything. Searching for info on some weird stuff called "Coral Skin Food," I discovered B&B and began poking around. Not only did they have great info on GFT's Nectar of the Gods, I learned about T&H, Musgo Real, Proraso, colognes, Gillette adjustables and Superspeeds... I never knew there was so much shaving info available!

We all know that B&B is an amazing repository of detailed knowledge and experience. But I believe it plays a few other, more important roles.

As our foundation, B&B members teach other men a simple rite of passage -- how to shave. Fathers used to do this with their sons, but today's dads are lost in Gillette cartridge world with the rest of us. Not to mention the increasing number of guys without any involved father figure!

This role as a simple mentor leads into another purpose -- an all-too-rare gathering place for men (and some wonderful women) that isn't loutish, crude or ugly. I've participated in fora dedicated to politics, sports, music and other pursuits. Angry and boorish behavior is the rule rather than exception.

Fifty years ago, men would hang out at the Elks club or VFW for substantive socialization, but those have all but vanished. In a small way, B&B helps fill that gap.

I came to B&B for the shaving, but stayed for the fellowship.
Why did I join BnB? I caught the wetshaving bug about a year ago after 20+ years of chewing up my face daily with an electric. As I've typically found that if something is worth doing, it's worth becoming obsessive about. So, logically, I dove into shaving with a straight. Found StraightRazorPlace and was happily sharing my obsession with the good lads over there for many months. Occasionally, I'd see references to ShaveMyFace and BadgerandBlade. Eventually, I decided to take a look. Now I'm a member at all three :eek: .

For the record, I'm a regular member of no other web forum, and always thought that those who were were a touch odd.

I agree with inkling--I came for the shaving knowledge and stayed for the fellowship. Its a great "community," in the best sense of the word.
Well I found B&B through a google search, though it was probably the strangest combination. I was searching for razors (or safety razors) in Tyler, Tx. That search led me to a post where someone was talking about how their parent's house, in Tyler, showed up on a Google search of Tyler. I decided to click the link for the main forum page and discovered a wealth of information. Joined up, bought a razor, brush, soap, cream, blades, and now froth at the mouth thinking about what I want to buy. I've stayed because I enjoy the reading and reply to the odd post here and there.
I joined because my friends would think I was crazy, or even more eccentric, if I started talking to them about shaving!!:lol:

This is kinda like a WSA... Wet Shavers Anonymous except we aren't here to recover... only to encourage each other to further levels of addiction!!

So go ahead and buy that seventeeth razor, that fortieth brush... you only have enough shave soap to last until 2011!!? You mean you can't go two months without reusing the same cream!?

So c'mon, join you current lonely addicts, we are here to feed your secret passion and answer all your questions!:biggrin: :lol:


Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
The very first thing I saw when I was initially directed to this site was Ron's avatar. I figured this must be the right place.
ouch said:
The very first thing I saw when I was initially directed to this site was Ron's avatar. I figured this must be the right place.

The first thing I saw was your avatar and I knew I was in the correct place!:lol:
Honestly I have no idea why I joined.... it just happened one day! I am a woman and I don't shave my face... indeed, personal as it may be, I have had all my excess hair laser removed and don't shave at all anymore. I am single and I adore men with long hair and BEARDS! :w00t: I am a woman on a men's forum...! :w00t:

I am, however, a soap addict and incredibly intrigued with items such as essential oils and fragrance oils. I love to create things with my own hands and many of the gents here don't mind being my guinea pigs... er I mean customers...

There is a comradery here that I haven't found anywhere else. People here are wonderful, intelligent and a cut above the norm. I have found a home and I can't go a single day without stopping in and visiting with my newfound friends and family..

Big Hugs to each and every one of you, always!

Sue (Mama Bear)

Mama Bear
Ahh, Mama Bear. You're so nice!

I joined because I was looking into DE shaving and decided to join one of the 3-4 shave forums I had been lurking in. You guys were the lucky draw on which I joined. How special!


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Goosemeplease said:
The first thing I saw was your avatar and I knew I was in the correct place!:lol:

They made me take down my original avatar.:lol:
I originally joined this shaving forum to ask a stupid question as I was beginning my divorce from my cartridge razors, and now I feel like wetshaving and B&B go hand-in-hand.

Wetshaving and B&B are both addictions that feed on each other. And the more time I spend on B&B, the more stuff I want to buy. I am always finding something new that I'd like to try, and this is the place to discover the new thing, learn about it, and then post your comments on it.

I really enjoy reading SOTD posts, I usually formulate my shave equipment/setup for the next day based on what I read here.

The community aspect is also a big factor, its a friendly place and I like being around here.

The emoticons are also cool :badger:
I joined not only because I was starting to wet shave and wet shave with a DE for the first time in my life, but because after reading through a bunch of posts, I realized that this the ONLY forum where it seems as though it is a genuine community, and not two or three cliques battling it out.

In some of the other boards I'm a member of, I never post or post rarely because it seems that it's "fashionable" to shoot down the noob. I've not had that experience here.
As already said in one of my previous posts. Been reading about wet shaving and stumbled upon the MSNBC article. Then my search continued and I came upon a Wiki page which linked to this site. Read the site for 2 days, became a member because I wanted to be part of a community that was so knowledgable and open.

There's always interesting stuff to read here. Even during slower periods there's a wealth of information in the archives etc. It's a wonderful grooming knowledgebase!
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