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Why is that T&H West Indian Limes is runny?

Why is that T&H West Indian Limes is runny not hard as TOBS. T&H Limes is so soft and creamy. I don't know why this happened? I had this in a tub for over a month and now I throw away in the garbage. When I first got it and I open the lid and saw light green soft creamy not as hard as TOBS and I put my fingers in there and it got runny liquid but not too liquid.

It suppose to be hard round shaving cream just like TOBS. TOBS shaving cream and hard round cream not running wihich is good.

Do you all T&H Shaving Cream is running soft creamy or stay little hard?

Can you check all your T&H Cream and see if it running and put your fingeer in there and swirl around or put your finger on the top of the cream and see if it hard soft? I'm always check it.

Do you alway check your shaving cream and tested before you shave or right after you got it the mail and opened and see if it runny or not?

Chris A
Don't know that I would have thrown it away because I didn't like the consistency of it prior to lathering......

The solution to the "problem" may be to buy it in a tube instead of in a tub.
Or stir it instead of tossing it, lol. My TOBS Lemon Lime is WAY runnier than either the Rose or Avocado (those are like solid creams, almost, whereas the LL will ooze if you tip it). It still performs just as well though.
i have a tube of the truefitt & hill limes that i'm using right now. it is a little runny. i don't know why. but i've used it a couple of times now and it shaves just fine.
T&H Limes is so soft and creamy. It suppose to be hard round shaving cream just like TOBS. TOBS shaving cream and hard round cream not running wihich is good.

Why is T&H cream 'supposed' to be like tobs cream? Are you sure tobs creams arent 'supposed' to be soft like truefitt creams? 'Cream' can have alot of different textures and isnt 'supposed' to be soft or hard, its just supposed to work. Different creams have different ingredients and the texture will vary from scent to scent and brand to brand.

I use T&H limes along with tobs rose and avocado, and the consistency of each is quite different before lathering but they all end up about the same. The truefitt creams are definitely softer, kind of like icing or hand creme, while tobs rose is a whipped solid consistency, and the avocado is a hard paste. They all perform wonderfully and whip up amazing lather. Id stop worrying about it and just go with it. Remember that things like ice cream and pudding have varying textures, but theyre all tastey :biggrin:
Even examining the T&H pots on the shelf at a store in Denver, I noticed a wide variety of textures even within a specific scent. A Trafagar was quite runny, a Rose hard as a rock. I think it's just moisture levels, related to manufacturing variations by batch and time on the shelf. The moisture levels seem very sensitive- I rehydrated a Taylor's lavender recently that had stiffened up too much and just five to ten drops of water in a 1/2 full tub made it almost too runny.

I know it's irritating (it is for me) that the product is not more consistent, but it is what it is. If it shaves and smells as it should, I wouldn't worry about the texture. If the texture is a deal breaker, just leave it alone for six months, stirring it from time to time. Chances are, it will firm up... eventually... it is inevitable that as the water evaporates it will become denser. It just may take longer than any of us want! You can try to accelerate the process by leaving the cap off for short intervals, but my Taylor's avocado ended up with chunky bits, possibly because of that strategy.

PS- it could be worse- the texture consintency of my Taylor's creams (from tub to tub, even within the same scent, once within the same TUB) are just laughable. My avocado and sandalwood were really runny, the lavender stiff as a soap, the first rose soft, the next rose soft... with lots of hard little globules in it! I've just given up on the texture issue as long as it shaves properly. So far the runny ones (including a T&H Limes) all firmed up eventually. Sometimes I just got pissed and threw them in the back of the cabinet and forgot about them for a while. Months later, when I 'found' them again, they were better.
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