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Why I now leave SWMBO behind...

Last week we were in an antique store. SWMBO is just browsing around, not looking for anything in particular but is MOST tolerant of this syndrome I have come down with regarding DE. We have gone through the whole place and are back toward the front where the owner is standing behind the cash register.

Now, I don't know about you guys and I am not overly tight with money but I always do ask, "It is marked $12.00, I was hoping you could help me with the price." Something along that line. In January they are knocking off 25% because it is so very slow retail wise.

So we are on our way out the door and I am in front all the better to hold the door open. SWMBO has lagged behind a bit and - with the owner four feet away - my wife sings out, "BINGO!!!!" and holds up a DE. The owner's head snaps up from the magazine she had been reading to see what was so valuable in the eyes of SWMBO. Then the owner looks at me and just grins...
Ha, she turned him into a car salesman...you don't let them know you really want the car...they'll never budge in price!
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