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Why don't people remember a double edge razor?

In various conversations with people, I have mentioned now shaving with a double edge razor/blade, and I have found very few people, even older ones like myself, who recognize that term. I then try to explain it as being a "safety razor" and no luck there. Finally, I have to describe it and sometimes I get a glimmer of recognition like "Oh yeah, like my grandfather used to have". Most people think a "double edge" razor is a cartridge razor with two blades, such as Trac II or Atra or Sensor. After a while, I just change the subject rather than trying to explain further and having them think I'm some sort of nut or something. :crazy:

Has it really been that long since DE's were used that people have completely forgotten? I remembered it and sought them out when I got tired of lining Gillette's pockets for Mach 3 overpriced stuff.

What has been your experience? Does anyone else recognize the terms double edge razor or safety razor?
In my own personal experience I did not recognize the term Double Edge razor until I actually saw one. I actually just thought they were called safety razors. I guess before I started wetshaving I never tough about what the thing I was shaving my face with was called.
We are like monks during the Dark Ages, my friend: guardians of the flame of western civilisation -may a new dawn of humankind come! :a24:
I remember! The DE is what I started shaving with. Even though I'm sure other razors were available at the time, I can't recall seeing anything else. Of course this gives away my age. Later I switched to an injector then to the multi blades. When they came out with 4 blades, back to the DE I went after all this time. But I must admit, I have had company over and had to break out a DE to show when the subject came up and this was to people older than I am.
Very few people I come in contact with on a daily basis ever used these. My dad only used one for a couple years till the cartridge and other type razors came out. I didn't know what it was. If I had to describe it before last year I would have said the "antique razors that take a bare razor blade".
Since working in a grocery store I find the general public to be stupid and no amount of explaining will help
. Like Michael said just have one with you at all times and show them. Of course that still doesn't mean they'll understand.
Is it any wonder that many "forget" or have in their mind what a double edge razor is? With the unrelentless advertising of multi blade systems being "the best a man can get", our social memory for the true DE is fading fast.

Here's to keeping the truth (and hope-sorry, Jesse) alive.

I usually describe DE razors as "the ones that take razor blades", this usually works... Or maybe the people I talk to are just humouring me!

I'm 45, and I remember my dad using a DE. But I started with a Gillette Atra. So just think, in my world, it's been about 30 years since I thought about a DE. I think my dad was using a Trac II when I started shaving. It's a bit like my kids...they have no clue what a record is, or t.v. without a remote control. Times change.

I'm 54 now and I started with a DE. I only ever knew it as a razor. Never called a double edge. Perhaps it's the nomenclature that's wrong!

My father shaved with a Gillette and he got me one. A year or two later the Schick injectors appeared in the UK and we moved on to them.

Then I grew a beard which I had until about five years ago.

Younger people have grown up in an era of multiblade jobbies and the only DE blades they knew were hung around the neck as a decoration during the days of Punk music!


ps. Never used a Mach3! (or a 4 or 5 come to that)
I'd never heard the terms "DE", "double edge" or "safety razor" until I found Badger & Blade. I also didn't realise you could still buy what I called 'old fashioned razor blade razors' until I found this site. Most of the stores I shop at do stock some DE blades, but they often only have a couple of packs out on display and are frequently sold out, maybe that's why I never really noticed them before. They also tend to be hidden, whereas the main display is 20 racks of Mack3/Fusion blades. :rolleyes:

Now I know what to look for, I can find things easily enough. I know where I can buy Trumpers, Penhaligons and C&E products within 10 miles of my house, and I can buy Swedish Gillettes, Wilkinson, and Tesco blades locally too.

I still have to go further afield or resort to mail order for things like Proraso, Derby, Feather etc, but that's no problem really - it's worth the effort. :smile:
It's no surprise people don't remember them as they've been out of common use for more than a generation.

But then, people seem to have very short memories anyway. You'd be surprised at how many people don't remember Skylab either.
My father used one up until he passed away 13 years ago. Vague recollection of watching him shave suggests it was a Knack. With Barbasol canned cream. For some reason when my brother started shaving, my parents bought him an electric - maybe something to do with the tissue paper that often spotted my father's face in the morning.
How I describe a DE depends on the generation of the person that I am speaking with. If I am talking to a "younger" person (say, ~30 or younger) I'll describe it as "One that takes real razor blades - like the ones that punks and goths might wear around their necks. You may have seen one at your grandfather's home when you were a young child". However, if I'm talking with an "older" person I might describe them as "A razor like you (or your father - depends on the age of the "older person") might have used 2 or 3 decades ago. You know, the old Gillette one?". I have found that these two descriptions/explanations work fairly well with most people... and the rest of them, well... some people just can't be helped, right?
Most people, when the topic of conversation arises, think I'm nuts for using "those old time razors." Most people will say "oh yeah, my grandpa used one of those, but man, they're too easy to cut yourself with."

Sometimes it amazes me how many people make statements on topics about which they have no clue.

(and it also amazes me at the improper english of ending a sentence with a preposition :wink:)
Nope, I don't carry a razor with me, but then I don't have occasion to talk to people all that much. The family all know---all too well, they tell me. :smile:
I'm pretty sure that my dad was using Gillette disposibles when I was young, but he used a DE when he was younger (1960s), and laughed when I told him I'd bought a safety razor of my own: 'Don't slit your throat!' His father had a Rolls Razor that's now in my possession, and that's definitely a throat-slitter...
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