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Why Do We Shave?

I live in a humid and hot island, so I don’t like to have a thick beard. Shaving my head is very comfortable for me. I can rinse and cool down at the faucet at any time without worrying about the moisture in my hair.

Razors brings me a lot of fun, even if I stay at home because of covid, I will not give up the daily shaving time.
because the current trend of having a beard homeless look is annoying to me.

it projects to me.......I'm too lazy to shave.


Agree- too lazy to shave and who knows what else- too lazy to shower and put on deodorant? Brush your teeth? Too lazy to shave is a sign of poor hygiene all around. Facial hair is all good if you keep it trimmed. Hair around the Adams apple neck area is always disgusting and clues people in on ones personal hygiene practices.
In a recent thread, What does BBS look like under a microscope? (before & after pics) - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/what-does-bbs-look-like-under-a-microscope-before-after-pics.609925/#post-11333125, we see beard hairs close up before and after a shave. Some if they comments are interesting. That thread got me thinking and I pose the following.

Why do we shave. Human post pubescent men grow facial hair. Some guys have more, some less, but the general statement that men have facial hair is accurate. Shaving is a social construct. Why do we accept this construct rather than going natural? Even most bearded guys shave around the edges.

I shave because I have a financial interest (sometimes perceived, sometimes overt - company dress code) in so doing. In college, I had a beard. For most of my career, I shaved (except the ‘stache which I have had since 1976) because that was the expectation of the boss or the client. As I have aged and expectations have changed, I can pull off a goatee of white hairs and still look professional. During Covid, with the work from home protocol, I found myself shaving on meeting days - online or F2F. When I retire, I may grow a beard, but will still shave my neck below the beard and keep the beard trimmed.
Id contend that shaving became a thing because of WW1 and mustard gas. Soliders had to shave so that their gas mask would seal to their face and they wouldnt die. Many of them simply continued to shave after they got back from the war and shaving became a thing.
After that, you could say that shaving became a social construct and was a sign of a man who was well-groomed and took pride in his apperance.
I maintain a beard but I keep my neck shaved up because a neck beard is not attractive and itches. Yes, its still a social construct and maybe I shouldnt care but the simple fact is that every day people judge you by your apperance and unless you are going to grow your beard long, you need to be shaving your neck.
I shave because my Bride wants a weirdo, not a beardo.

I try to eat in the dining room or shovel sustenance into my piehole while sitting on the couch watching my idjit screen. And though I’m not much for ironing these past 30 years, the few times I do, I use the ironing board.

I take it she’ll see this meme and say it’s you:

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I’m told it’s me a lot.
:c17: This is a thing of beauty.


Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
No office jobs or car salesmen back then.

Maybe not in your part of England, but there were bureaucracies on some parts of the Eurasian landmass.

And what is a chariot or cart if it isn’t a Scythian death machine or means of transporting foodstuffs across the Fertile Crescent to earn one’s weight in donkey carvings? Surely the same purposes we still have cars now and they needed to be sold.
Well this is sort of my reason, however I did not know there was a study on it LOL

I am a machinist by trade, mechanic, welder, I do some plumbing, carpentry, work cattle, eat ALOT.... I have sported a quite long thick beard. If you can imagine some of the fluids/particles/chemicals/sparks/flames...excrement!!!! in these areas.... now imagine them in your BEARD all day. And then trying to get them out.


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I've had a full beard for over a year. It looked ok on me...but I think I look better without it. Now that my facial hair is predominately white, but the hair on top of my head isn't, I really look better without it!
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