Why Do I Only Get Compliments When I Apply "Too Much"?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by BradtheImpaler, Dec 12, 2018.

    What most "say" might be too much, that is? I am beginning to believe that "you only need one or 2 sprays" comments don't work for me because THEY CAN'T SMELL IT with only one or two sprays? Are some of us "black holes" of fragrance that NEED to overdo it just to be noticed?
  1. I'm definitely not a "2 spray will do it" kind of guy. I do 3 or 4 sprays to my neck, a few to my wrists and sometimes I spray my shirt. Of course this does depend on how strong the frag is. I say spray as much as you want and then adjust as needed.

    I just topped up my SOTD, Guerlain Derby, with 2 more sprays and that's more than enough.
  2. Everyone's nose is different. Mine isn't that keen, so if I can smell it, you've used too much, or you're way too close :D

    I was in the post office a couple of months back, and I was the only person in the queue when I went up to the counter. As I was getting served, the woman behind the counter said "Ooh, that smells nice. Is it you?" I shook my head, as I hadn't added a scent that day. I turned around, and caught the inescapable scent of the woman in the queue 10ft away, who was averting her gaze and trying to look invisible. I think she overheard and realised she'd overdone it.

    I think subtlety is the best approach. If I get compliments from anyone that isn't in close proximity, by first thought is always that I've overdone it.
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    Depends on which.

    It'd be very easy to over-apply Grey Flannel or Lapidus ... but you could put on 16 sprays of Zihr Ikon and by the time you get to work, no-one will know.

  4. I'm at LEAST 6 sprays of Cosmair Polo..and always get complimented by the ladies! :D
  5. You get compliments from those who like it, when they can smell it. Subtly is appreciated much more I'm sure. Consider all those people who didn't compliment you.

    Those complimenting you probably aren't those stuck in the elevator with you.
  6. I agree with @Ad Astra, it really depends on the juice. It also depends on who is smelling it. Knowing your audience is good to take note of. I have fragrances for the public and fragrances I love and don't give a damn whether other people like them. I am surprised when I get those compliments! The cute girl delivering the pizza the other night complemented me on my Hai Karate clone fragrance. She was a millennial and had "never smelled anything like it".

    I think cologne is like fashion. If you rock it confidently, you can oftentimes pull it off. Even if it's unusual.
  7. Im a frag head (since 2012) and I receive a very high amounts of compliments. My recipe is knowing which fragrance goes well on each scenario a d temperature (work, dining, etc, fall, winter) and applying a pretty liberal amount of sprays, that of course will vary with each fragrance.

    For example, for a mildy cool fall day at work, I could wear Amouage Reflection Man (masterpiece) And for this scenario, I would use around 9 sprays (i want it to last all work day and to break through the colder air as well).
  8. You smell different.

    When you've fallen down this fragrance rabbit hole, chances are you smell different than most people out there. You smell like something other than sweet feminine florals or the old tried and true masculine fresh fragrances (e.g. aquatics) or Stetson.

    Not that there's anything wrong with those scents. However, you've broadened your horizons and you've assaulted the compliment-giver's olfactory senses with something different. Their olfactory monotony has been broken.
  9. Perhaps the "compliment" is cover for an undeniable reaction to too much? :a30:
  10. This is true.
    You can't help but locate the assailant, then you have to say something.

    I personally think fragrances are nice when subtle and more intimately shared. For example I received a hug from a lady friend and she only noticed my scent once she hugged me and then exclaimed at once, "ooh! You smell nice."
    Or my girlfriend smells my shave stuff only when we are very close and she loves it.

    To each there own of course. It's rare to encounter but there are those who make your eyes water from across the street :c17:. Usually a small street. But still, I don't think you want to be that person.
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  12. I haven't worn Lapidus, but agree totally about Grey Flannel and Zihr Ikon. :001_cool:
  13. I do 6 sprays 2 on the neck , 2 on the shoulders and 2 on my thighs cause as Grandpa said you might get lucky.
  14. It might be because it is directly under your nose, and perhaps across the room from them. Of course if they are close and a ton is need for them to notice, perhaps quit seeking out ex-smokers :)

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