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Why aren't there more razor reviews?

Hello gentleman,

I am curious why there are not more razor reviews. I see that the Merkurs have been well reviewed but that's about it. It seems as if there are plenty of members on this board who have plenty of other razors that they must be willing to share their thoughts with the rest of us.

I think the reviews are a great educational tool. There are the pictures, the ratings and the rants & raves.

What about the Gillette's, the Shicks, the straights and the injectors?

Warmest regards,
Merkur reviews can probably be held to a higher standard since they can be purchased new. It's tougher to review and compare razors that are used and sometimes 20-50 years old because of the difference in treatment over the years. While all new Merkur razors will not be exactly alike, the differences would be much less than perhaps two different Gillette adjustables.

With The Grain said:
part of what has held me back from uploading a bunch of pics and doing reviews is that on some models i wouldnt be able to be entirely thorough on the background of the razor, ie was produced from 19##-19##, that and i keep thinking someone else will come along and drop a great review on a razor i have. that said if the model name and my personal impressions would suffice in kicking off the review of a bunch of razors i could chip in on a few.
I say go for it. I'd love to hear about some of the older razors that I've not yet had the privilege of trying.

I guess that I just want more information about all the DE tools. I hear so much about the Gillette's and etc. here on this board. I just wish there were pics in the review section so I could reference what people were talking about. I understand that reviews are like opinions and that everyone's got one and that they all stink. I also see that this group of upstanding gents is more than willing to lend their helpful knowledge in identifying mysterious makes and models. Also, that if by chance someone mistakenly classifies a razor that they wont get burnt up as in other online forums out there.

Plus when my RAD gets to acting up I can check in on the trusty B&B site to get the low-down before I get too crazy over on Ebay. (the nostalgic razors are killing me...)

So please post!!!

If I ever learn how to post pictures on this forum, I might just have a go at posting some reviews on the more popular razors

Mr. Grain

Nice start!!! I hope that others will follow your lead.

greendyk said:
Here's my favorite razor, the Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Lined. It's a standard Merkur fixed head on a long, heavy, beautifully shaped and balanced handle.

http://www.theenglishshavingcompany...cgi/@cTraditional Safety Razors@bEdwin Jagger

This one?

Excellent Taste!

This Geo. F. Trumper is also very nice too.
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