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Why are cheap shaves always so good?

what I tried to say is, that when MOST people use an expensive soap, they screw the shave up by focusing on every little thing they do ad nauseum until NOTHIGN will make it a great shave.

But take your standard everyday brush, razor blades, razor, and favorite soap and its ALWAYS going to be a good shave because you have nothing forcing you to try to make it a great shave.

If its not easily understand, the harder you try to make it a great shave, the worse it will be.

Some of the best shaves ive had, ive actually been ASLEEP while shaving.
Less effort, Better Shave- Simple
I have been using modern Williams lately with mainly boar brushes and circulating a few 100 year-old Gillette old style shavers along with Ladas or Vokshod blades and getting great shaves.
Tomorrow morning I will have a 'cheap' shave using:
Van der Hagen razor
Shark Blade (first time using one) from an assortment I am sampling through
My old, but reliable Omega 11126 brush
Witch Hazel post shave cleanup
Pinaud Clubman A/S


I've been getting remarkable lather and shaves from my Proraso tubs. The key to getting it right is to use Marco's method or simply scoop soap (generously) and press it in my bowl. Astra SP blades, Omega 10049 boar brush, Fatip Piccolo razor. Simple and affordable kit yet glorious results.