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Why are cheap shaves always so good?

Evening gents,

Do any of you ever find that when you want to just have a decent shave, the cheap stuff always comes through?

After a 7 day work week, and the weather starting to cool off with rain and wind, a hot shower and shave was just what I needed.

I opened a new puck of Williams that I received in the mail today as an add on. No fancy prep, no pre shave, no fancy scent,
no alum block follow up. Just hot water at the sink, my boar brush, my SLOC with a blade that has 3-4 shaves on it, and the puck of Williams in my plastic Marvy mug.

No fuss, no nonsense, no nicks, no cuts. Great shave.

Warm water rinse, cold water rinse, and some Aqua Velva to finish it all off.

My face feels great, and Williams was what my dad used and still uses. The smell brings me back to being 5 or 6 years old, staring at my Dad’s “Barbershop” brand mug with the smell of Williams that filled the bathroom after his shaves. I’m not sure anything beats a great, nostalgic shave.

Tell me about your best “cheap” shave down below.

I usually use Stirling, which I consider a fairly cheap shave soap. However, I am going to have to give Williams a try one day, just to say I have used it.

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Usually, I can get a decent shave with cheap razors, blades, soaps, and brushes. But if I want a great shave that leaves my face feeling smooth and comfortable afterward, the cheap stuff won't get me there.

As for soaps, I have tried a wide variety of soaps and creams. I can get a decent shave from cheap ones like Williams, Arko and VDH, but I have never gotten a great shave using them. I have a coarse, fast growing beard and sensitive skin, so the demands I place on a soap may be higher than the average shaver.
If you’re talking La Toja shaving stick at less than $2 in Spain, you’re spot on! And yet I still buy premium stuff. Must have shaving cream on the brain!

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WMS is my most expensive (and only) soap. If I think about trying a different soap, the WMS gets in my head and gives me hell. Do other people's soaps talk to them?
My best cheap shave?

Vintage Williams that I bought at an antique store for $3.00, lathered with a boar brush I bought for $7. Razor a Superspeed that used to belong to the father of one of my wife's best friends and was given to me for free. Blade? Always Polsilver, cheap when bought in bulk.
I've been getting great cheap DE shaves for decades. For the first 20 years, I used a plastic Wilkinson Sword Classic. It's only been since signing up here, that I've tried samples of more expensive products, and haven't really found much worth the additional expense. Even Feather blades, which are a little more expensive than others, last me a fair bit longer, so it evens out. My top two soaps are still MWF and Palmolive sticks, both of which are great value for money.

On the whole, I'm still a money saver, although I have spent a bit in the last few days. I bought myself a cake of MWF in the ceramic dish, which should last many years unless gravity claims it from me. I've also just bought a set of hones for my couple of straight razors. They'll all pay for themselves in time though, so no need to change my sig line.

Bottom line: It's not just the products that give great results, but what you do with them. Once you understand your face well, and your tools well, fantastic shaves can be had with the humblest of products,
Cheap is good I say.
I’ve never spent more than 14 bucks on a soap and am perfectly content using 10 cent blades. All one really needs is good shave technique and of course a decent lather.
For me, cheap soaps like Arko work well, but the scent is not one I want to use every day. Just now, I use Haslinger. A bit dearer, but doesn't have that urinal scent. Lathered properly, it is every bit s good as expensive soaps. However, I sometimes do buy more expensive soaps when I see them on offer. Recently 2 pucks of SV Dolomiti for ten pounds each. Nice to have any soap which you like for variety.
Good technique goes a long way. While I take part in OCtober (Open Comb all month), I am using a 100th anniversary can of Barbasol and 12 cent blades and getting great shaves:thumbup1:
you seem to forget the psychological component.

by using the cheap stuff you lowered your expectation and have given yourself the mental ability to give a great shave.

When using the expensive stuff, your messing with yourself by creating mental blocks that make you make mistakes, and nothing can compare to fantasies
I can get a brilliant bbs next level shave with a Palmolive shave stick at £50p, £7 for my favourite boar brush, a straight razor at £0 for a freshly sharpened blade, and a splash of Brut at £6 from the supermarket. I find that fancy balms and gels and aftershaves don’t really agree with me.
I've never considered Shaving expensive, more of always being inexpensive, Water as a pre-shave, my old Slim, Wilkinson Sword blades, Old Spice soap, Boar brush, Water rinse, Lucky Tiger Bay Rum or Old Spice After Shave. Many of the products that I used to use are now called vintage. Now I've change over to Astra SP blades, Arko soap bowl pressed or a kilo of Cella. I agree with Jakebullet, the fancy products don't agree with me.
what I tried to say is, that when MOST people use an expensive soap, they screw the shave up by focusing on every little thing they do ad nauseum until NOTHIGN will make it a great shave.

But take your standard everyday brush, razor blades, razor, and favorite soap and its ALWAYS going to be a good shave because you have nothing forcing you to try to make it a great shave.

If its not easily understand, the harder you try to make it a great shave, the worse it will be.

Some of the best shaves ive had, ive actually been ASLEEP while shaving.