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Wholly Kaw shave soap questions

A couple of questions about WK soaps:
1. With the scented soaps, do the tallow and vegan versions smell the same, or does the tallow, donkey milk version have any different or gamey scent?
2. I realize this is subjective, but generally speaking, do the tallow/donkey milk and vegan versions perform about the same?
Will be watching this thread. I’m interested to try a soap from them. Please share your experience and scent recommendations as well
Many will say that the gap between tallow and vegan soaps have closed dramatically throughout the years. My SV soap (vegan) is a great performer and wouldn't know it wasn't tallow-based. I haven't used the vegan base from WK, so can't say how much different it is from their tallow base. From a scent perspective, I don't think that you'd find that to a discernable difference from vegan to tallow. I personally enjoy Fougere Boquet. Reminds me of Brut a lot if that's your thing.
I have been wanting to try out some WK soaps. I do not see samples on their site as being offered (Maggards has a small selection) and not having a concise listing of scents drives me bonkers. Almost as bonkers as these stories folks write about the provenance of a soap’s name lol. I’ll end with why can’t these kids use a belt and where are my glasses?

Rant done, happy shave sessions!🥰
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