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Wholly Kaw - Noce Di Cocco lather problems

Hi everyone.

I've been DE shaving for 5 years. In this time I have used dozens of soaps and creams, ranging from cheap supermarket product, mid range like Cella and Proraso soaps, up to more expensive artisan soaps (Barrister and Mann, Australian Private Reserve, Wholly Kaw, DR Harris, Muhle). The only one out of all these that I cannot lather properly is the Noce Di Cocco. I purchased 2 full size tubs, and I got through the first tub only by adding some cream from another brand to make normal lather. I just used the 2nd tub today for the first time, and I still cannot make a decent lather. I really can't understand why this one is a fail and all the others I can lather perfectly well.

Any hints, tips, suggestions would be very appreciated.

Thank you.
I have experienced this with various top end soaps and honestly the only thing that makes sense is soaps with tallow/animal fat can be real finicky when it comes to how much water they can take. Maybe try with a drier brush and load the soap and then when applying its more like a paste then work the water in slowly
Wholly Kaw produces soaps both in tallow and vegan versions. Noce de cocco is an older formulation that dates back to the Donkey milk formula for the tallow version. Which version do you have? The current Wholly Kaw version is called Sego.

If you have hard water, some tallow soaps are difficult to lather. Others work just fine in hard water. If you are having trouble lathering a specific soap and your water is hard, pick up a jug of distilled water from the grocery store and try using that to build your lather. With some soaps, distilled water or RO water can make a difference.
Hi RayClem. Thanks for that. The version I have is as per the photo. The water where I live is considered soft (hardness rating about 50mg/L), but it's no trouble for me to pick up some distilled water to try it.

Thank you.


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That looks like a recent one to me. Have you seen this?

Hi APBinNCA. Thanks for that reply. I wasn't aware of that thread. It seems as though it is basically saying : dry brush, wet soap and lots of "swirling/loading" time, then gradually add water (and time) as needed.

Thanks again.
When did you buy the WK? Is it your only WK soap? I only have one, La Fougere Parfaite, that I think I bought about 2 years ago. I have medium-hard water here in Virginia. I face lather but load for about 30 seconds in the tub (probably 45+ swirls). I could not tell you how much water I add, but it seems to be on the average side. In my opinion, my 2019-ish WK soap is similar to B&M glissant base, and an excellent soap. Love the 'Brut' fragrance on this one.

With that said, the general advice in these here forums is either (1) not enough soap, or (2) not enough water. I would suggest just changing one variable at a time, perhaps load the soap a bit longer with no other changes and see what happens? Good luck!
Hi merovirginian. Thanks for that. I bought the soap in June 2020. I bought three at the time : Noce Di Cocco, Project Leather, and La Fougere Parfaite. The last one I have never used, and the Project Leather has been used once when I first bought it, but I can't remember the lather it produced. As I mentioned in my first post, I have a range of soaps from cheap to high end(ish), and it is only this one that seems to have this problem.

I have been given good suggestions in this thread, and I will certainly give them a go in the coming weeks.
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