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    I have owned a tub of Wholly Kaw Cuero Oscuro Special Edition for a couple of months now and have had the opportunity to shave with it 6 times or so. This soap produces a rich, creamy lather that shaves wonderfully. And oh that post shave feel. My face feels supple and lubricated from using the donkey milk super cream formula. I possess the matching AS and balm as well. I use them together and they match well.

    @BaylorGator, in his excellent review of 70+ soaps, describes Wholly Kaw generally as follows: "Grade A+ (Truly Outstanding)
    Wholly Kaw
    - This soap may actually be flawless. Rich luxurious lather (that won’t break down no matter how much water you throw at it) provides superior cushion with plenty of slickness. From a performance standpoint, it honestly lacks nothing. Well crafted scents that are reminiscent of French perfume/cologne, which may narrow its appeal a bit to some."

    The performance is therefore top tier. This begs the question: what about the scent?

    Wholly Kaw Scent notes:
    "Cuero Oscuro or Dark Leather – A dark and very masculine scent for Fall and Winter. This scent is not floral, fruity or powdery. Leathery and smoky. A radical departure from our other scents. In developing this scent, we saw a fork in the road and we took it. Off the beaten path. Off to an adventure that took us to unexplored olfactory journey.

    A masterful blend of leather, vetiver, cedarwood, tobacco, patchouli, oakmoss and coffee to top it off. Think of rawhide leather scent or boots."

    I am somewhat olfactorily challenged (my wife is constantly telling me she smells something that I simply do not sense) but Cuero Oscuro powers its way through my limitations. I definitely smell the leather and the coffee as well. It is like stepping through the door of a fine leather goods store with the aroma from beautifully crafted briefcases and other leather goods assaulting the senses. Yet there is something more going on here--a fine cognac note stemming from which ingredients I know not but it is there. This is a finely crafted olfactory symphony of the darker notes.

    Still, Cuero Oscuro's scent may not be for everyone. I made some reference to a different soap having that similar leather note in another thread, Grooming Department's Absinthe & Leather, and @dabrock leveled a classic retort complete with a Ralphing emoji. I like Absinthe & Leather just as I like Cuero Oscuro (I actually like the scent of Cuero Oscuro more) but I understand how some just will not like it at all. This is a pungently crafted assault on the senses that may not suit everyone so I would suggest trying a sample if you can lay your hands on one.
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    Nice review. Thanks for posting.
    WK sure makes some excellent performers. Key, as with all soap, is finding compatible scents and sounds like you have nailed that with this one. enjoy
  2. I just got some WK Fougere Parfaite.
    Pretty pungent as you say. I can smell it several hours later on my face.
    Totally different scent obviously but it’s strong stuff.
  3. I think it literally sinks. Can't stand it. Threw my sample in the garbage can. YMMV.
  4. Thanks for the warning! :lol1: I'll probably skip this scent but I love MfM so I'll probably stick to that for my main WK but the way you describe this actually sounds good. I think it was more the Absinth rather than the leather that I didn't like in the GD soap.
  5. Great review. It took me a while to warm up to this scent. I didn't like it at first as I thought it smelled too odd. Once I lathered it up, it started to take shape and I could pick out a few of the listed notes. I do like a darker scent from time to time, especially in the colder weather.
  6. I got a tub of Cuero Oscuro from a local trade in the forums a few months back. I wasn't overly pleased with the scent at first. It took a couple shaves to become acclimated to the scent. I really enjoy it now. Very good protection, slickness, and post-shave feel.
  7. It is a very nice performing soap, I got a really great shave with it as well, the smell is disgusting to me though, I wish I liked it more , I haven't brought myself to be able to use it again and i dont want to throw it out . Its nickname is "pesticide pleather" in my shave den it has that artificial chemical smell, it's going to get another chance one day.
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    You might try leaving the lid off a day or three to let it breathe.

    When I first opened my Tabac the smell was very sharp and obnoxious. After 3 days or so in my Old Spice mug though, it mellowed a lot and became usable.
  9. Thanks for the tip I'm gonna give that a try hopefully the smell will mellow out! I tried it again tonight and man its such a good performer, the smell kinda bothered me but wasn't as bad this time it seems
  10. Esox

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    If it helps Tabac, it should help any soap lol.

    I havent tried any Wholly Kaw soaps yet, but I did just order their Chypre Rose Concerto, so I'll find out soon how good they really are.
  11. Thanks for the tip I'm gonna give that a try hopefully the smell will mellow out! I tried it again tonight and man its such a good performer, the smell kinda bothered me but wasn't as bad this time it seems
  12. This is another Wholly Kaw scent that I'm interested in.
  13. I had my first shave with Cuero Oscuro this morning. I picked up a tub of non donkey milk formula recently not realising it wasn't the wholly kaw version that people rave about.

    Very happy with the performance anyway. It's a great soap, could possibly use a little more residual slickness but that's the only complaint I could level at it.

    The scent how ever... Really not sure about it. Smells kind of leatherish to me but there's a undertone of something that may or may not be egg..
  14. I have the pre-DM tallow as well. Performs very nicely. I think of leather soaked in whisky when i sniff it. Potent stuff.
  15. Darn. I have enough soaps now. But this sounds great.
  16. My favorite WK scent!

    Takes me right back to when I was a kid when I would walk into a Western Wear Store in a little Colorado town

    Very authentic leather scent... highly recommended
  17. I think it smells like a shoe :07:
  18. I LOVE the smell and the performance.

    I’ve used it 3 times, and I’m starting to think I’m allergic to it. :(

    I think the residual scent is burning me all day long. I have to do a reset and get back to some stuff I know doesn’t burn me and start doing the shaving elimination diet.
  19. Terrific review!! :a29:

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