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    Hi gents
    I am looking for a range that does au de perfume, aftershave, shaving cream or soap, face balm, deodorant and maybe a body wash. All in the same fragrance. I prefer musky odours that linger for a long time.
    I am England based.
    Any suggestions?

    Many regards.
  1. Sounds like Tabac to me.
  2. Hi
    Do they do au de Parfum, I haven’t seen that in Tabac.
  3. The have an eau de Cologne.
  4. Am I right in saying that au de perfume is the strongest scent, followed by ADT, then aftershave and then au de cologne.

    I really wanted a range that included an Eu de perfume.

    I am no expert here at all.
    Thanks for your replies.
  5. Jim

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    You can try Penhaligons.. not much more English than that to boot.
  6. I had my ordering wrong. They have EDTs as well, AS really aren't on the chart. I always considered them less than Colognes, because many AS makers make a cologne as well, which generally last longer, IME.

    Parfum, EDP, EDT, EDC, EF. Strongest to weakest. EDP and Parfum are generally hard to find in what are considered Men's fragrances, I think to protect others from harm :)
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  7. Thanks for that.
  8. I personally have never seen a range that is offered with eau de parfum except for Phoenix Artisan accoutrements. They should have soaps, aftershaves, EDT's and EDP's. They aren't cheap, though. And if you are in the UK or EU, you might have trouble importing them. That is unless they offer it overseas.
  9. I think you are right. It looks like tabac has the most extensive all fragrance range.
  10. Regards
  11. Stirling maybe? Although I think they offer EDT rather than EDP.
  12. Thank you
  13. I think Acqua di Parma might have all of these things. Great stuff, but a little pricey.
  14. Thanks. I agree it’s pricey. There is only so much money I will spend on something before I say to myself enough is enough. Big differences in a products price doesn’t always mean they are so much better. After reaching 50 yrs old that penny is finally dropping :)

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