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Who taught you?

Around 1982, age 15. First shave was with an old Gillette Trac II and a can of Gillette Foamy. I learned on my own. I learned that if I shave up, (ATG) the skin was smooth. But I didn't start shaving everyday until I joined the military at age 17. Then I had to shave daily. I used cartridge razors for 34 years. From when I was age 15-22, I used the Trac II and Atra. Age 23-32, Gillette Sensor. Age 33-49, Gillette Mach 3 and for a short time, the Gillette Fusion until I got tired of paying $18.00 for a pack of 4 multiblade cartridges. Temporary subscription to the Dollar Shave Club, then I started shaving with a DE razor in the summer of 2016, at age 49. First razor was a Merkur 34C, which I still have. First blades were Personna Blues. First brush and soap were Van Der Hagen. Did a lot of bloodletting in the beginning. Lots of irritation, nicks and cuts. There's a bit of a learning curve with traditional shaving tools. Now 3.5 years, nine DE razors, three SE razors, 600 DE blades, 30 SE blades, five brushes, 7 aftershaves, 3 balms, and at least 30 soaps and creams later, I'm still doing traditional safety razor shaving, and enjoying the heck out of it. I use Feather Hi-Stainless blades in my Gillette Slim Adjustable set on 9, or my Rockwell 6C om plate #6, and i dont cut myself anywhere near where I did in the beginning with my very mild Merkur 34C. You get practiced, get the right angle, and get over old cartridge razor habits, the old razors shave awesome! I can use a mild or aggressive razor, whatever I'm in the mood for. I can use a DE, an injector, or a GEM Micromatic or 1924 EverReady. Just get the angle right and be patient.
Self-taught in the mid-1970s. The available hardware was a plastic Wilkinson Classic, a plastic-handled TTO which I think was a Gillette Slim Twist, and an old brass open-comb Gillette 3-piece with a few traces of nickel plating still visible.

Since I used to grow stubble out until it couldn't be ignored, and then attempt a weekly shave, the mild options just didn't work. I had to use the OC, which in my ignorant hands removed hair and random bits of skin with equal efficiency.

This was very much a WTG-only operation. I didn't dare attempt anything else.
I was given a used electric which butchered me. So I found in a BR an Atra w 5 cartridges and used that with hand soap for years...then moved down to throw aways since the carts were too $$$
Had to daily shave per drill Sgt order. Throw away bics. Even got good at dry shaving in the field. Years later started with a straight, then started down more rabbit holes, de and se , new and vintage. Today I bought my first vintage Weck .
As a prepubescent I was fascinated with shaving. I would watch my father shave every morning, first with a SR and in later years with a DE. When my grandfather visited, I would watch him with his SR.

I lost my father at 14yo. At about 15yo I needed to start shaving. No one taught me other than what I had observed earlier in life. I used my father's 3-piece safety razor, 7 o'clock blade and his brush. Except for the occasional nick, all went well.

At 18yo I started in the Royal Australian Navy and bought myself a Gillette safety razor. That was an adjustable type and it served me well for about thr next 10 years.

I was the eldest male in the family but I didn't teach my brother how to shave. Probably thought that there was no need to as no one taught me.
I taught myself around 2006 when I was 15. My tutor mentioned something about my mustache looking pretty thick, so I grabbed some Gillette Good News disposables, a can of Gillette gel; and threw them in the cart when I was with my mom at the store. Then the next year, I got an electric razor with three rotary heads on it for Christmas. I used it once or twice and my face got really irritated. I never used it again after that. Then when I turned 18 and was getting ready to leave for basic training, my dad gave me a quick shaving lesson. Didn't really make much difference though because I still got vastly uncomfortable shaves. I moved onto the Mach 3 and several models of the Fusion before going back to the Mach 3. Then I read an article on Art of Manliness about shaving like grandpa and mentioned it to my dad. He said that he had a Gillette Slim and offered to show me how to use it. He showed me how, but I was still self taught when it came to using a brush and soap/ or cream.
I remember one day when I was probably about 10, I lathered up with dads canned barbasol cream and got his razor and went through the motions of shaving my whole face just like I'd seen him do, or at least what I thought he did lol. I had no facial hair so really I was just scraping off the cream. I didn't cut myself at all but the Brut aftershave still burned like hell. He went into the bathroom some time later, noticed the smell of the aftershave and cream and the wet razor (cheap disposable 1980s twin blade) and called me in there. He asked If I had used his shaving stuff. I said "yeah, I shaved". He took a slow silent look at my slightly irritated but uncut face and simply said "nice job", and that was that.

Over the next few years I did that a few more times because I liked the way the aftershave burned:yesnod: I wasn't half bad by the time my first hairs started to grow.
My father started working overseas or in other states from the time I was about 10. Around the age of 12 or 13 (late 90s) I had to start knocking down some growth under my jaw line and the mustache area. My mother didn't know any better and I was given an electric that looking back was terrible. One of those rotary head things that I could never get good results out of. My father later passed away when I was 16 and I continued to use a newer electric due to ignorance.

Finally in college I had had enough of the electrics and went and bought the "newest and greatest" as I thought at the time, a Gillette fusion power. Combined with some canned goo I was able to get more passable shaves but the irritation was terrible. Shaving became a chore that I would partake in no more than twice a week and often less than that.

The price of the cartridges didn't bother me for awhile because I always managed to find very good deals and stock up, until this year when my stock pile ran out and cartridge prices have continued to go up. I began looking for a cheaper cartridge alternative and so many results also compared costs against DE shaving and that prompted further research. Being prone to irritation, especially on my neck, the world of DE shaving started to look better and better.

Since then I basically just purchased a "starter set" of gear along with a blade sampler pack. Figured I might as well get the process and technique down before I experiment too much. Overall it's been great as I get much less irritation and most importantly, I'm able to make my customer visits for work without before forced to wear those awful beard nets. It's been about two months and I still get the occasional nick on my neck, but I have only myself to blame for that.
Wasn’t really taught by anyone, I used mostly electrics for years and started at 15. This was in the early 2000s. No electric ever did a good job on the neck and even for the higher end models, 3 years seemed to be the upper limit on durability. Mach 3, Fusion, and Quattro were anything but smooth shaves. There were times inbetween I used those razors.

I’ve only been wet shaving with a DE for a little over 4 years. In fact, I still need to actually analyze which way the hair grows on my face. But I would never go back to electric or cartridge razors. DE is better and less expensive.
Nobody taught me. I collected all the safety razors I could find in the house and bought a can of goo and started.

I tried all kinds of things, the one I remember most is turning the razor as aggressive as it would go trying to get a better shave. That didn't work so well.

My dad used to see me afterwards with my face all bloody and he wouldn't say anything.

As I said, nobody taught me.


Goose Poop Connoisseur
My dad bought a Gillette Adjustable in 1965 and that was it. Had to figure out myself but shaving isn’t rocket science. I used that razor until sometime in the 1980’s and used carts for a few years then went back to the DE (DE’s are nicking devices in my opinion). A couple of years ago I started using straight razors and only regret not doing it years ago as they give better and more comfortable shaves with a lot less blood loss.
I grew up behind the Iron Curtain, so no carts for me. Started shaving at 14, the earliest in my class - dark hair, pale skin, the few hairs that started growing here and there looked ridiculous, and I was fairly self-conscious about my appearance. My dad used to shave with a safety razor but never liked it - his own dad was KIA in WW2 and never had a chance to teach him. By the time I started shaving in the early 80s, he’s moved on to an electric shaver.

Unfortunately for me, my skin could not tolerate electric. And I never really learned how to properly shave with a DE razor. I constantly battled irritation and cuts until the cartridges became available in the very late 80s. All of a sudden I was able to shave ATG with zero issues. Never looked back until this past February.
I was (almost) 15 when I had my first shave. My older brother insisted that my face was too hairy and I needed to start. Nagging on and on until finally I accepted. It was February 14th, 2001.
In all fairness, it was only a bit of fuzz and I think I should have waited longer, as shaving from a young age can mess up your facial hair, causing it to go curly or grow upwards in places, in my case.
It was a simple affair with an Astor twin blade disposable and some lather made with a very small brush from some hand soap. Nothing special. My father watched without interfering. At 16 I bought my first safety razor, a Chinese one with a red handle and a mirror inside the box and as for the blades I found a store nearby that sold SuperMax blades. There started my love affair with this brand. I used some Gillette Stainless as well. This went on until about 2003-2004 when I switched to SuperMax twin blade disposables. Used those until 2008, I think, when I switched to Gillette Mach 3. I had also gone bald by this time and started shaving my head as well. Used Intesa or Malizia shaving foams for both my head and my face. On my head where the skin is thicker and tougher there was no issue.
On my face however I was always getting nasty irritation and ingrown hairs, especially on my neck where the hair is thickest.
Mid 2016 I had enough of these crappy shaves and stumbling upon a website with classical shaving supplies I contemplated going back to DE, but something quality, this time.
I ordered a Merkur 1904 and a Merkur 43c, my first good quality razors. Ordered some Feather blades (was curious to try them out due to their legendary sharpness) from the same website, then got some Gillette Platinum blades and the rest is history.
On my head I still shave with a Mach 3 and Nivea shaving gel but on my face I only use DE.
I bought a Gillette fusion and a can of Barbasol. I figured out what worked and what didn’t through trial and error. Luckily I’m a quick study and had good shaves for a couple of years. Then I bought the Dorco Prime set on sale and liked the benefits of a DE razor, I quickly realized that that razor wasn’t right for my face and bought a couple of vintage Gillette after some googling. One of those razors had a bent safety bar and looking on how to fix it is how I found this site. That’s the quick version of it anyway.
I taught my younger brother how to shave, gave him that Dorco Prime set with better blades, shaving soap and a brush. Later gave him a Gillette Slim. He doesn’t shave any other way now. I showed him how to make proper lather and how to use the razor and left him alone since he didn’t want an audience. Came out clean shaven smiling from ear to ear.
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My father taught me to shave in 1962; I was 15, with his Gillette Slim Adjustable, a can of Barbasol, and his Old Spice AS. I learned to shave WTG in one pass and then to buff any areas I’d missed. It was definitely not a multi pass shave.
Didn’t shave until I was 17, first day in the military Cpl Jim Wood. Pointed at razor sharp bits, can of foam and a willing volunteer. Next morning went pretty well followed by inspection

did you shave this morning airman?
yes corporal
try taking the cover off next time

following day

did you shave this morning airman
yes corporal
try standing closer to the razor next time
Bic sensitive and Barbasol! Zero instruction from dad. I don’t remember much going wrong but can say without a doubt that learning with a single blade Bic is probably the best way to learn how to shave. You won’t butcher yourself but controlling angle and pressure is still a factor and
Taught me? In the Age of Divorce?

The most important thing I ever heard was the concept of "passes". And I heard it here.
+1! I too had no idea about passes till i came here. I was kind of doing them in my cart days but until i joined b&b i wasn’t doing them in earnest.
I was in Marine Corps boot camp, fall of 1982. If I had to shave before that it would only have been my sideburns. No one really showed us, they just threw the gear at us and said, “Try not to cut your throat”. I was good with that until my thirties then it started to get painful. My razors were only good for one use (I’ve heard others say they could reuse theirs) and I hated shaving. It was always a bloodbath. In my Forties I remembered that my grandad used a butterfly razor and that’s when I discovered wet shaving with a double edge razor. I started looking around online and found all the gear I needed and YouTube provided the instruction.
Now I love to shave.
I didn't even really know about DE razors until a few years ago. I was about 40.

So I learned from reading this forum. From yinz guys.