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Who sells blades made in South Korea?

A local store carries generic blades made in South Korea. I haven't bought any yet to give them a try, but I'm wondering what brand sells blades made in South Korea?

Their technology is pretty good so the blades could be good.
They would be Dorcos. I personally do not enjoy them. I would say I have light to medium facial hair growth. I have problems when I use these blades like tugging when its a fresh new blade. The only reason I do not throw them out is because I do not like wasting money. They might work for you but for me they do not work.
I still might try them. Only a buck for five blades.
I did order a sample of blades off eBay. Astra seem to get low ratings among users but that's what I'm trying now in my Gillette 1968 black handle adjustable and shaves have been fine. So far the sharpest blade I Have tried is Bic and the dullest has been Merkur.
I've done OK with the Dorco blades from Family Dollar and Dollar General. I shaved with them for about a year. The main reason I switched was that I could buy hundred packs of Astra or Derby for $7-$10 online. Thee are certainly better blades than any of these three, but there are probably worse out there as well.
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