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Who picked the cologne

I know it may sound odd but did you pick the scent you wear or was it picked by someone else say a SO?

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I don't purchase anything she doesn't like - always test samples. What's the point of wearing cologne your significant other dislikes? That seems crazy to me. There are tons of cologne on the market - really not a problem to find a couple dozen you both like.


I generally buy samples and find out which ones the wife and I agree on and then look at full size.


I pick. My wife has never said she didn’t like something I wear. She does occasionally say she likes a few on a regular basis, so I will usually wear them on date nights.
Here's how my cologne selections over the years were made:
1) Lagerfeld - me This was a long time ago.
2) Georgio Red for Homme - Wife picked and I got more compliments on this one than any others. Sady discontinued'
3) Davidoff Cool Water - Another wife selection Most of mine are Christmas gifts
4) Polo Double Black - Another wife selection. She wanted ideas as to what to get me. I read some fragrance descriptions and selected a Burberry and Double Black. She liked Double Black. It smelled just like what I imagined from the description. I've liked everything she has selected over the years. What she likes smells good on me. She has never picked anything I didn't like.
5) I got a sample of Stirling Sharp Dressed Man. She loves it so I'm going to get the real thing (GIT) via a decant from the bay, Mr. Twiggy.