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GIVEAWAY! Who Likes Pie PIF!!!

I'm in!

My favorite pie story is my wife's grandmother always made rhubarb pie from scratch using the rhubarb from her garden. Ever since my wife was little, she loved eating rhubarb pie at her grandmother's house.

Unfortunately, a few years ago she could no longer stay in her house and went into a nursing home (her husband having passed away the year before). Sadly she passed away not long after.

While we were clearing out her house (which was very sad btw), I was outside where the garden was. It was unrecognizable since it hadn't been taken care of in a few years. Lots of grass and weeds everywhere. However, I noticed a very small stalk of rhubarb under all of that. I called my wife over and we pulled a piece of what was still alive out which wasn't much at all, and took it home.

My wife put it into a small glass jar and hoped it would sprout roots. After a week or so, it did just that. After a few more weeks, we were able to plant it outside but it was late in the year and winter was around the corner. We were concerned it wouldn't make it over the winter and we would lose it and the link to her grandmother's pie.

Flash forward 4 months and 12 feet of snow later and ... yup it made it! My wife was ecstatic!

That was 3 years ago. We harvest a lot of rhubarb from that plant and my young daughters make my wife rhubarb pie every year (from scratch) on Mothers day.
Great story, I remember a lady that lived down the street from us growing up that had a very large garden in her backyard, and the largest section was for rhubarb, and she made the best rhubarb pie! Thanks for sharing!

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