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Who likes a Guinness?

Rudy Vey

This was in my head for some time, but never got to it until lately when I started casting my own blanks. Here is a pint of Guinness!! Shown with a Muehle 25 mm STF (synthetic knots of the very latest version) or with a Two-band Finest.
The choice is yours....If someone has interest in a pint, let me know.
$IMG_2477.jpg $IMG_2479.jpg
That brush is wicked!!! A tribute to my favourite beer and the standard for dark beers!!

Makes me me want to pour one up!
I know the post is old, but I love that idea! I think our UK mates would ask if you want a flake with that head, though, haha! Beautiful brush handle and 2-band to go with it!