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Who here shaves every day?

I used to shave daily, often twice a day. I like to shave again after my workout. But my wife likes me to go a few days and with safer at home work life I now only shave a few times a week. If I have a Zoom call my webcam really makes me look like a bum if I don’t shave.
Used to be 5-6 days a week for me until the pandemic and the birth of my second daughter. Now I have a beard and it is more sporadic for cleanup. Planning on going back to the moustache in December, but I still haven't had a haircut since February. Shaving hasn't been this sporadic and hair hasn't been this long since university.
Since I went to DE I shave on a daily basis.

In the beginning my skin struggled due to bad technique and a lack of patience. But I left these days far behind me :)

It makes so much fun starting the day with a comfortable and relaxing shave.



Every day. I still subscribe to the shave every day or die theory. That is an old firefighter's rule. The air mask can't seal on facial hair. I don't do that any longer, but the rule remains.

Every third day.....firehouse routine. In 339 days, I'll be growing a beard. After 44 years on the job, I think I've earned it....
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