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Who has received their recent panna orders?

My order was shipped on 1-23 and nothing yet. I get stuff in from overseas usually in 2 weeks or less (USA). I emailed panna for a track # and they responded that my order shipped without tracking.
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I only ordered one tub and it was shipped rather sloppily--the only address label on the package (small manilla envelope) was almost completely off the front and I was amazed that it made it here at all--got it in about 10 days total. Had the label fallen off completely I'm sure it would've gone to wherever those things without addresses go--in this case I doubt it would make it back overseas. Good luck, next time ordering I will be placing a larger order to make sure this doesn't happen--at least that's my excuse because the soap rocks!
I wouldn't worry about it. Between the snow, customs, and general governmental inefficiency, I'd give it another week before you start really wondering where it is.

You can tell that it's all over the place with some people receiving theirs a week ago, me receiving mine yesterday, and you still not having yours despite them all being shipped January 23rd.
Panna crema orders for me in the past have taken every bit of two weeks for some of them. Some have come a little faster than that.... but never less than a week. I wouldn't worry too much.

Got mine yesterday. I figure part of the delay was the due to all of the snow over the last few weeks. Looking forward to trying my new acquisitions out.
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