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Who else was watching this vintage brush display/collection.

Congrats on the new brush, looks like a good find!

The first post may be proof that RAD has a long history...
Congrats on the new brush, looks like a good find!

The first post may be proof that RAD has a long history...

Solid find indeed. And not bad on the price. I just dropped $100 on a brush last week. Looks like my shaving budget is now on hold for a bit.

BTW...nice retro Denver logo there RJ
Thank you thaudout - I've always liked the old logo

Alright, I'm signing off ebay now before I get in trouble. Too many cool vintage items that I don't know enough about.
What was in that grouping that could be worth that much. The brushes were in good condition but given some time you could have found most of them, so it must have been the case?
I don't know what the driver was. I think the sum of the parts. I don't think those brushes are all nos that were part of the original display though. If the brushes are all unused and you figure $200 for the case I guess you could get to the sale price.

But I think it was a case of two people saying I want it!
It's a slippery slope now that you've crossed that $30 mark!

I'm sure it is. Though I did pay $25 for one once and I've definitely spent over $30 on a restoration.

Oh wait, this whole thing is a total lie... I completely forgot about my custom set! But this is the first time I spent over 30 on a VINTAGE brush.
I watched out of curiousity. A bit out of my comfort range. Anyway, given enough time, any of us could accummulate that much kit a piece at a time and have plenty of fun doing it without drawing undue attention from our significant others.
Hmmm . . . that's a bit rich for my blood, but the cabinet is pretty cool. If I were making one, it never would've occurred to me to design it for the brushes to lay on their sides. Given the shape of the cabinet, it appears there is a fair amount of storage area behind the brushes on display. I wonder if there is access to that space from the back or sides?


I didn't notice any real standouts among the brushes shown, although all appear to be in pretty good condition. And, at least for me, I wouldn't have any interest in those large brushes for applying talc or brushing off hair clippings. That said, I can certainly understand a devoted collector getting sufficiently jazzed up to spend big dollars on this collection.

Congrats on your brush acquisition, duderubble-- it's a beauty!
I watched that auction as well and really wasn't surprised by the price. I think it was the display that drove the price up. Never saw one like that and it was attractive.
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